You can help the Earth

April 17, 2007|by JESSI FULTON

Appreciation for our Earth - that's the purpose of Earth Day, according to Melodie Anderson-Smith, director of Renfrew Institute for Cultural and Environmental Studies in Waynesboro, Pa.

"We don't think about (our) impact on the world," she says.

Anderson-Smith sat down with the Pulse team to share a little about Earth day.

Earth day is also a day to bring awareness to environmental effects. Anderson-Smith explained that global warming is when carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and causes the Earth's climate to warm.

Most people say it will be ages before global warming effects them. Anderson-Smith says the effects of global warming are already happening.

Earth Day helps bring awareness of humans' impact on Earth. We can learn how to protect our Earth.

Here are some ideas:

· Take your own reusable canvas bags to grocery stores.

· Walk or ride a bike whenever possible.


· Save paper by narrowing margins on the papers you print at home.

· Buy organic food.

· Turn off appliances and lights when you are not using them.

· Put cell phone chargers on electric strips and turn them off when you don't need them.

Renfrew Park will host an Earth Day Celebration and Festival of Art this Saturday, April 21, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be environmental exhibits, yard sales, live animals, educational displays and other activities. Admission is free.

If we take the time, we might realize how important it is to enjoy our beautiful Earth and make it better, celebrate and help give back. Earth Day can remind us.

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