PTA vacancies to be discussed at meeting

April 15, 2007|By ERIN CUNNINGHAM


The Washington County Council of PTAs has been without a president since January, when Leslie LeBlanc stepped down for personal reasons.

Bonnie Blandford, the organization's first vice president who has taken on the duties of president, said information about that vacancy and others will be the subject of a meeting tonight.

With nobody stepping up to take on the leadership role, state PTA officials said they have been contacting school-level PTAs. The county PTA includes members from the school groups.


"We have (lent) our support to get them back up and running," said Mary Jo Neil, Maryland PTA president. "What I do know is that they're in transition."

LeBlanc announced in November 2006 that she would be stepping down, and she said she officially resigned in January of this year. She served two years as president.

Neil said that the first vice president can step in and operate as president if the president resigns for some reason. Blandford said she is not sure if she will run for re-election.

With PTA elections in June, Neil said the organization wants to educate members about the available positions and the duties of each.

"It's just to try to kind of rally some interest in PTA," Blandford said. "We just need new officers for next year, so we're trying to look for interested people."

She said it is often difficult to find PTA members willing to run for office.

"They're afraid they don't know how to do it," Blandford said. "There's a lot of really great qualified people in the county, so hopefully we'll snag a few of those."

Blandford said she is sure that members interested in leadership roles will step in before the election.

"It's always frantic, and then you get right down to it, and there are qualified people," she said.

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