Letters to the editor

April 13, 2007

County should support shelter and animal care

To the editor:

I think it is terrible that the commissioners of our county, especially John Barr, think that the Washington County Humane Society doesn't need help. What more information does he need after reading the statistics?

Of all the poor abused and neglected animals we have, and not enough people to handle the situation, they should be ashamed of themselves.

They can grant money for frivolous and unnecessary developments - they should consider the need for more money for the shelter.


Also, if organizations could set up events such as bingo, car washes, yard and bake sales to help the cause, the money would be very useful.

I have always been a strong supporter for a no-kill shelter and also for the Washington County Humane Society. However, I guess that will never happen. So think hard, commissioners, and give them the grant they so deserve.

Sara Barr

Warm hearts kept our children toasty

To the editor:

Once again, I write to share with you the fact that the folks in Jefferson County (W.Va.) are abundantly generous.

As the coordinator for the Jefferson County School system's "Jefferson County Shoe and Coat Fund," I am pleased to report we have received many donations and our fund has been replenished. The fund is an affirmation of the strong sense of community in Jefferson County.

Every year students and their families are able to access coats, boots, shoes, gloves, mittens and other necessary items through our fund. As the fund expands, we are able to meet the most basic needs of our students.

Some contributors chose to have their donations support utility assistance that aided the community effort to keep children warm this winter.

My wish would be that all individual contributors could experience the joy a student expresses as he proudly pulls on a handsome pair of hiking boots or the glee a student shines with as she pulls on a new fuzzy coat.

I want contributors to be certain to know that when a parent offers me a tearful, grateful hug, I always divert recognition to our generous community and the spirit that guides their benevolent gestures.

A reminder: Our fund operates year round, and referrals or donations can be made by contacting me at Jefferson County Board of Education, 110 Mordington Ave., Charles Town, WV 25414 or call me at 304-728-9235.

Lisa Carper
Social worker
Jefferson County, W.Va. School System

Bush ignores the change we wanted

To the editor:

Am I a normal person? I watch the news, and this administration and White House) always seems to claim someone else did it - that they did not realize what was going on. Baloney. I don't buy that. They know all of it and strictly control the information.

How does the common man change things? Last election we voted for change. It was ignored by Bush. I'm ashamed by the way Bush has made our world reputation. How can we get Bush to be honest, real and do what the country wants?

C.W. Travers

Give me the cash

To the editor:

I am writing about the article on page A7 of The Daily Mail of March 1, 2007. According to the article, former bank manager was charged with theft and at least 20 other charges. After pleading guilty to one charge, 20 others were dropped. The CEO claimed $19,714.90 was missing. The defendant claimed it was about $6,000. The ruling was for the defendant to repay $1,232 in restitution. Where is there any justice in this kind of ruling? If someone wants to give me the lesser amount of $6,000 that the defendant claims was the correct amount, I will gladly return $1,232 and not have to commit the crime.

J. E. Teach

The master's hand

To the editor:

A presentation on television told the story of an old violin being auctioned off with low bidding. A man walked in, lifted it to his shoulders and began to play. Silence filled the atmosphere as the strain of a lonely, soothing melody was hard. The touch of the master's hand made the difference and high bidding began.

Something seemingly of little value became highly valued. At the touch of our master's hand, tears are transformed into laughter, weakness to strength, clouds to sunshine, misunderstandings to understanding, revenge to forgiveness and negatives to positives. All we need to do is place the violin and the bow into the master's hand, sit quietly and take in the message it sends us -ne of well-being and peace of mind.

Frances Moats

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