Letters to the editor

April 10, 2007

Panel should be more representative

To the editor:

The Washington County Commissioners are preparing to appoint a task force that will study the planning department's proposal for Urban Growth Area rezoning and recommend any changes they believe necessary.

A few years ago, a similar task force was created to make recommendations for rural area rezoning. The overwhelming majority of that task force - far from being a true representation of the community - had very close ties to developers and the building industry. In fact, rapid growth would have benefitted most of them financially. Amazingly, some county commissioners still see no ethical problem with that.

Citizens For Protection of Washington County believes that a committee having the responsibility of deciding how growth will be planned and controlled in this county should not consist predominately of those who would profit from uncontrolled growth. Considering that we all have a stake in the outcome of a comprehensive rezoning, CPWC is asking this Board of County Commissioners to appoint a UGA Task Force which more closely represents the entire community.


There can be a very thin line between ethical and unethical, but most of us expect our government to stay far away from that line. A banker could be a very honest man, in that he doesn't cheat his customers or steal money. But given the responsibility of deciding whether to allow uncontrolled growth which would bring many developers and builders to his bank, will he make the choice that is best for his bank's profits or the choice that is best for the community?

The same applies to attorneys who make a career of representing developers, paid employees of the builder's association and engineers who make a living surveying land and drawing plats for developers. The Rural Rezoning Task Force was loaded with these kind of professionals, including three who were not Washington County residents.

CPWC believes that residency should be a requirement for anyone serving on a citizens advisory committee whose recommendations will impact all Washington County residents. Let's hope they get it right this time.

Jim Laird
Citizens For Protection of Washington County

Cat wanted

To the editor:

I saw a cat on TV that the Humane Society had. She was a beautiful tri-colored cat and I wanted her so badly, but when I called they said I had to fill out some papers and they'd have to send them to the state and they wanted $90.

I live downtown, and I'd have to get a cab out and back, and if I were approved, I'd have to get cabs again - it would cost me $32.

I'm on Social Security, so I don't have that kind of money. But I'm lonely. I lost my cat a couple of years ago. She was 9 years old. I need a big lovable cat; one I can hug and hold. I have five rooms, so she'll have lots of room to run.

I think the Humane Society charges too much. A poor person like me can't afford them. If you have a lovable cat that needs a good home, help me. I'm in the book.

Kay Schindel

Hang up the cell and please be nice to all your neighbors

To the editor:

I'm writing to state my opinion on a few things. I know you're probably saying, "Who cares?" but I'll state them anyway.

First of all, in regard to cell phones, it seems as if everywhere you go you see a cell phone glued to someone's ear.

You're riding along in a car and it doesn't matter which way you look, there's someone with a cell phone glued to their ear. What did people do before cell phones were invented?

I think it's ridiculous you can't even go out to a store without seeing people on cell phones all the way through the store, even at the registers. Come on now, that call is not that important. Take a break; hopefully, sooner or later, cell phones will be illegal while driving.

OK, that's all regarding cell phones. Now it's time for neighbors.

God created man and woman to be nice, not nasty, so why not abide by that? Neighbors should be friendly, helpful and respectful to one another. Neighbors should not be rude, nasty or inconsiderate.

Look at it this way; you never know when you might need a close neighbor to call on for help. Come on, people, just take a moment and sit back and look at how you're treating people. See if that's the way you'd want to be treated.

You only live once, so why not be nice to one another and enjoy life? Life's too short to be nasty.

My point to this article is that it doesn't get you anywhere being nasty because it always comes back to you somehow, sometime!

L. Foltz

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