Panel praises plans for busy corner in Waynesboro

April 10, 2007|by JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Praising the quality of the site's land development plans, the Waynesboro Planning Commission on Monday agreed to recommend preliminary approval of a Turkey Hill Minit Market and coin-operated laundry at the intersection of Pa. 16 and CV Avenue.

Developer Wkrd Family LP of Waynesboro must obtain a special exception from the local zoning hearing board for the five gasoline pumps. The engineering documents will again be reviewed by the planning commission and also will go before the Waynesboro Borough Council for its preliminary and final approval.

Planning Commission Chairman Jon Fleagle called the proposal "one of the better plans I've seen" at Monday's meeting.

"The idea is to demolish the existing Laundromat," said Anne K. Anderson from engineering firm CEDG of Mechanicsburg, Pa.

The new, 3,600-square-foot laundry facility would be set back farther from West Main Street and would be primarily accessed from CV Avenue. The 3,900-square-foot Turkey Hill would face West Main Street and be accessed from either CV Avenue or a Pa. 16 entrance west of the building.


All storm water would be involved in a closed system underground, without infiltration from the Turkey Hill lot.

"The idea is that if there was ever a gasoline spill, obviously we don't want any of that getting into the ground," Anderson said.

A duct system would have the ability to separate oils from the water, according to Borough Engineer Kevin Grubbs.

"It's the same thing that was put in down at Rutter's," he said.

The planning commission had previously expressed concerns about lighting, so Anderson presented them with photographs taken at dusk at the Turkey Hill Minit Market in Shippensburg, Pa.

"The lighting there is really focused on the dispensing units," she said.

The developer hopes to build the two structures in 2007 and maintains ground on the site for future commercial development.

In other business, the planning commission also recommended preliminary approval of 12 condominiums proposed on an empty lot at the intersection of West Fourth Street and Ridge Avenue.

Developers Curtis W. Myers and Samuel L. Miller, who are Antrim Township supervisors, submitted plans showing the homes accessed by an existing alley that would be widened from 12 feet to 18 feet.

The development, which requires the borough to relocate an easement, would have a condominium association agreement as part of its request for final approval. Each unit on the medium-density residential property is shown as being 1,800 square feet.

An open area separates the homes from West Fourth Street.

"I liked all the landscaping you had in there. It makes a big difference I think," Planning Commission Member Stephen Monn said.

The planning commission also recommended that borough council approve a request to subdivide Henicle's Market from six town houses behind it.

Henicle's Market LLC had also requested that the town houses - 2, 6, 8, 10 and 12 Philadelphia Ave. - be subdivided into individual units. The request was denied by the Waynesboro Zoning Hearing Board, but developer Kerry Bumbaugh made another plea to the planning commission on Monday.

"I'm not going to change any use. I'm going to sell them to the people living there," said Bumbaugh, who is a Quincy Township supervisor.

Although the request was denied for parking concerns, the planning commission told Bumbaugh he could have an attorney review the borough's ordinance for any further proposals.

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