County Commissioners hold strategic planning session

April 10, 2007|By KATE S. ALEXANDER


The Washington County Commissioners held their first strategic planning session Tuesday to review long- and short-term goals for the next four years.

The session was the first of at least two strategic planning meetings in the coming weeks.

County Administrator Gregory Murray said the commissioners chose to plan the four-year term by taking a detailed look at each goal of the county's departments before creating a list of priority initiatives.

The commissioners asked each department and organization to provide up to five goals that would require board action and spent its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday discussing the goals for 11 of the 22 departments.


Not every department goal presented to the board will be on the four-year master plan, Murray said.

"The board will determine its priority goals and set actions plans with milestones for the objectives," he said.

Commissioner Kristin B. Aleshire said many of the goals submitted by the departments are either already in progress or require no board action.

"In my opinion, major initiatives are those things that require leadership or political discussion or what have you, that will create efficiency in operation," he said.

During the discussion Tuesday, a few points continued to resurface that Murray said could be on the board's list of long-term goals, including maintenance of storm water management programs and interdepartment cooperation to improve effeciency.

While the commissioners work through the long list of department goals, Murray said he will compile a summary of the planning sessions to help the board determine its priority initiatives.

The master plan for the commissioners is still being written and will take effect when fiscal year 2008 begins July 1.

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