More than the Score

April 09, 2007

Carly Jones

What's your favorite food? Mashed potatoes

Who is your favorite cartoon character? Minnie Mouse

What is your biggest ambition? To get a good job and become rich.

Three people I'd like to have lunch with: Mia Hamm, David Beckham and my sister

Who's your favorite musical group or artist? Nickelback

The best thing about my school is: The girls soccer team and coaches

The worst thing about my school is: Running the hill for lacrosse practice

My classmates would probably name me 'Most likely to ...': Be sarcastic

One place I'd most like to visit: Australia


If a genie gave you three wishes, what would they be? Marry Ashton Kutcher, be a famous soccer star and be wealthy

When I get a spare moment, I like to: Just relax and watch a movie

Who is your favorite actor/actress: Jennifer Aniston

My favorite cafeteria meal is: Chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes

One possession I can't live without: My car

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