Myers' committee handles budgets of state agencies

April 06, 2007

Editor's note: This is part eight of an occasional series explaining the committees on which state lawmakers from Washington County serve in the Maryland General Assembly.

Committee name: House Appropriations

Washington County representative: Delegate LeRoy E. Myers Jr., R-Washington/Allegany

Started on committee: January 2007 (previously served on House Ways and Means Committee)

Committee's purpose: "To hear from all the agencies - how things are heading for the next year, their budgets, why add or subtract positions, what (funding) levels and why," Myers said. "We take that into consideration as we consider their budget."

How the Maryland General Assembly Web site describes the committee: "Appropriations Committee reviews legislation relating to State operating and capital budgets, including supplementary appropriations; State and county bond authorizations; collective bargaining; fiscal procedures; higher education; State personnel and pension matters; and social services."


Key issue(s) the committee faced this session: "Budget, funding of various items, school construction, etc."

Bill(s) connected to the committee's work that local legislator introduced: Delegation bills, such as one that sought to release Allegany County from its debt to the state from selling two public schools (Myers is chairman of two delegations - Washington County's and Allegany County's). Also, bond bills.

Subcommittee(s) local legislator is assigned to: Transportation and the Environment Subcommittee

Comment: "State Budget has many issues and problems facing us, especially with our structural deficit. Our goal should be to supply funding to the state wisely and always avoid raising taxes and fees," Myers wrote.

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