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More than the Score

April 05, 2007

April Vesely

What's your favorite food? "Anything Italian."

Who is your favorite cartoon character? Cartman

What is your biggest ambition? "To go to college and get a good job."

Three people I'd like to have lunch with: Andy Roddick, Roger Federer and Andre Agassi

Who's your favorite musical group or artist? Blink 182, Rascal Flatts

The best thing about my school is: "I know almost everyone."

The worst thing about my school is: "Not a lot of money."

My classmates would probably name me 'Most likely to ...': "Smile at everyone."

One place I'd most like to visit: England or Italy


If a genie gave you three wishes, what would they be? "Be able to play tennis any time, automatically get good grades, marry a great guy."

When I get a spare moment, I like to: "Talk to friends or read."

Who is your favorite actor/actress? Rachel McAdams

My favorite cafeteria meal is: "Taco day."

My least favorite cafeteria meal is: "Almost anything else."

One possession I can't live without: "My iPod."

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