Smithsburg briefs

April 04, 2007|by KAREN HANNA

Bad fill causes water treatment problem

SMITHSBURG - The Town of Smithsburg will pay at least $11,500 to fix a storm water treatment problem caused by a poor choice of dirt.

"I don't want to use the term 'illegal fill' ... Inappropriate fill was put in by ... unknown entities, I guess you could say," Mayor Mildred "Mickey" Myers said after Tuesday's meeting, in which the town council voted to accept a contract by Huntzberry Brothers.

Myers said the town has not been able to determine which contractor or builder is responsible for the bad fill at Whispering Hills development, where water sometimes is directed toward houses. Myers said that there have been no problems, but the town wanted to correct the issue.

"In order to get the water to go where it's supposed to go, we have to do some work there," Myers said.


The cost of the work is $11,500, but if Huntzberry has to install sod instead of seed, the price tag will jump $3,500, Myers said.

Ordinance bans use of some weapons

SMITHSBURG - A Town of Smithsburg ordinance that would put limits on where and how weapons, including air rifles and crossbows, are used will go into effect April 23, Clerk/Treasurer Betsy Martin said.

The town council voted Tuesday to pass into a law an ordinance banning the use of some weapons, including firearms, air pistols and crossbows. According to the language of the ordinance, which was introduced last month, objects that discharge "a projectile capable of inflicting bodily injury except in the lawful defense (of) person or property" are banned.

Officials investigate water pressure issue

SMITHSBURG - Officials are looking into complaints about water pressure in the Mountain Shadows area, but Smithsburg Mayor Mildred "Mickey" Myers told the town council that information about the problem might take about a month to gather.

Myers said employees will take readings at various times of the day at various locations and compare them to reservoir levels. She said she would present the information they gather at the next council meeting.

Council to introduce annexation request

SMITHSBURG - A public hearing on the proposed annexation of a property that covers more than two acres will be May 1, Smithsburg Mayor Mildred "Mickey" Myers said Tuesday night.

The town council voted at its meeting to introduce the request for annexation of the John D. Smith property, a 2.38-acre parcel on the east side of Stevenson Road on the town's northwest boundary. The annexation plan, included in documents supplied by the town, proposes the property be divided for the development of single-family homes.

Residents honored for community work

SMITHSBURG - Three people who officials said make the Town of Smithsburg a nicer place to live were honored Tuesday.

Mayor Mildred "Mickey" Myers handed out plaques to Judith Ferro, who helped bring the new library to Smithsburg; Carlo Belella, who serves on the town's parks commission; and Charles "Bud" Lucassen, who works with the town's children's Christmas event.

"Without their hard work and dedication, this wouldn't be such a nice community," Councilman Thomas Chiarizia said.

Owners to be billed for unsafe pavements

SMITHSBURG - An emergency ordinance that eliminates penalties for residents with unsafe pavement, sidewalks or curbs will take effect this spring.

The town council agreed in two unanimous votes to approve the ordinance, which updates a previous ordinance making owners liable for unsafe pavement.

Town attorney Charles Wagaman said the old ordinance penalized owners for not fixing their sidewalks. Under the new ordinance, the town would simply bill the owner for repairs, if the owner does not get the work done. Wagaman called the ordinance "a lot more citizen friendly."

Mayor Mildred "Mickey" Myers said by approving the two votes Tuesday, the town council expedited the process of passing the ordinance, which will allow the public works department to get started in identifying and correcting bad sidewalks this spring.

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