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April 02, 2007

Last week's question:

Assuming that another year's delay will add millions to the project, what is the best way to convince the five still appealing the Washington County Hospital's proposed move to Robinwood to end their challenge?

· Renovate the current hospital or build a new one where there are no zoning problems. Remember the hospital promised in 1991 to never build a hospital on this property and agreed to this as a stipulation of building the Robinwood Medical Center. Don't make promises that you can't keep!

· Let the courts handle it through due process. That's their right!

· The true shame in this is that they need no convincing as they are right in their fight and will probably be judged right. And instead of coming up with alternatives in case of such an outcome, our cocksure elected braintrust and hospital are modeling themselves after the White House and refusing to pursue plausible options outside their own narrow ideology. Ahem, excise tax, Ahem Maugans Avenue, Ahem water and sewer rates, Ahem landfill space...


· Since several thousand has already been sunk into renovating the existing ER, why not just give up on putting a new facility out at Robinwood. It's going to be a better move in the end, not just financially, but in overall community relations, to build the blamed thing somewhere else.

· Renovating the current hospital is out of the question. It's not the hospital's fight. It's the current CEO James Hamill's fight. Hamillville will probably go to Robinwood. It should have gone to Downsville Pike.

· Drop the plans for Robinwood Drive and break ground on Downsville Pike. Then no one can have any objections except the doctors who live in Black Rock and wanted a short drive to work.

· Unbridled political activism rarely serves the public interest because it most often turns ugly and the true issues get lost in the chaos it creates.

· So what's the true issue here ---happy doctors are better more productive doctors? That sure doesn't seem to ring true anywhere else in the American workplace.

The real American way is to let the CEOs get all they can get and make the rest of us feel lucky we just have a job. Unless you live on a farm, once you turn 13 you should go to a work in a factory from sunup to sundown for pennies a day, six days a week except Sunday, to be spent with the family in church. Forget about rights, unions, and having a say.

· Nothing, I don't think that the hospital should be at Robinwood; it is way too congested in that area.

· It's called their freedom. We fight wars for freedom. It's their war and everyone else's who doesn't want the hospital there. Let them have their rights!

· Put the hospital at Downsville Pike, so the ambulances can get there faster. It's to congested on Robinwood Drive. When the ambulances start racing to Robinwood, people don't have anywhere to move out of the way and it will just cause more accidents.

· Why don't they have rights?

· Save millions by expanding and modernizing the present site. Encourage the hospital CEO and his friends and the opinion editor to admit that the Robinwood site was a bad idea riddled with hidden costs from the beginning and stop bullying the five brave appellants from exercising their constitutional rights.

· The hospital will be built ... with or without your approval ... let's consider your ages for one factor; so why waste your time with this project that will happen eventually? You all need to enjoy life ...and move on. Just "let it go."

· Move the hospital to a more appropriate location. Traffic is bad enough now in the Robinwood area. Why make it worse by not upgrading the roads before building the hospital? Sometimes the few are right.

· The hospital is owned by a non-profit organization. Little League baseball groups are also nonprofit organizations. If a Little League decided to move a few miles from its current location it would be subject to scrutiny by planning and zoning officials.

The potential hospital move is no different. If you oppose the move, voice your opinion as part of the zoning process, not via some pathetic lawsuit. The biggest concern I have with the hospital is the scary wait times in the ER - sometimes up to 10 hours! An improvement to the standard of care must be made.

· See, they tried to be nice about this and go through zoning. Zoning ignored them. Since the zoning process was slammed in their faces, they had no choice but to go through the courts.

Now, our legislators, in their infinite wisdom, want to curtail the people's right to redress their grievances by installing these ridiculous hurdles (such as unreasonable fees before you can even file a suit) so that they can forward the big wig's agenda. That is why these people are sticking to their guns so strongly. I say, rock on!

· The potential cost overrun for the hospital is definitely a concern. The five don't need convincing, they need our support. The hospital should not be built at Robinwood!

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