Western Maryland Hospital Center timeline

April 01, 2007

September 1954 - Ground is broken for what is to be the Western Maryland State Hospital.

June 12, 1957 - The building is dedicated.

Nov. 11, 1957 - Western Maryland State Hospital opened to 28 patients from Deer's Head and Montebello Hospital.

Nov. 21, 1968 - First Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations granted a three-year accreditation

April 23, 1969 - Governor signed House Bill 6, allowing admission of tuberculosis patients.

Nov. 17, 69 - Extended-care facility opened with 50 beds.

May 31, 1971 - Skilled nursing facility opened

February 1972 - Col. Wilfred G. Tumbusch was appointed director.

April 4, 1972- The first dialysis unit opened to patients in the community.

December 1972 - Dr. Otto and Claire Roza sponsor the first celebration of Christmas for patients and families.


1974 - During the year, the Western Maryland Hospital Auxiliary opened a canteen for patients and staff.

January 1974 - The Rev. Bartlow Harris, chaplain, receives the Distinguished Senior Citizen of Washington County award.

July 1974 - Shared services begin with Western Maryland Hospital Center and Victor Cullen Center.

July 1974 - CETA program began.

Jan. 20, 1975 - The first adult day-care program offered in the State of Maryland opened at the facility.

April 15, 1975 - The ALA pioneers a Respiratory Disease Diagnostic Clinic at the hospital center.

June 15, 1977 - The first ventilator-dependent patient is admitted.

June 1977 - Alvin Doering, the auxiliary's first male president, received a top State Department of Health & Mental Hygiene award for Outstanding Progress.

July 1978 - Potomac Center joined Shared Services Program with the WMHC.

1979- WMHC joins Meals on Wheels, providing meals to patients in the community.

March 3, 1979 - The Respiratory Therapy Department opens.

Jan. 4, 1981 - 54 patients are transferred from Mt. Wilson Center, increasing the census to 174.

Feb. 15, 1981 - New Interfaith Chapel, donated by the auxiliary, is dedicated for the use of patients and families.

1983Woodlands Garden Club plants the first tree, a Yoshino cherry tree.

June 19, 1985 - Carl A. Fischer is appointed director.

1985- Won the barrier-free design for gardens.

1985- Dick Cogan held the first Oktoberfest.

May 1990 - The Therapeutic Recreation Horticulture Therapy Program is started.

June 1992 - Therapeutic Recreation Walk/Wheel Exercise Program starts.

January 1993 - Members of the community travel to Annapolis, where they win the fight against privatization.

1993 - The Nursing Computer Network is initiated for MDS Assessments and Patient Care Planning.

1994- Carol Goldman speaks for the first time in 18 years, drawing media attention from around the nation.

December 1995 - Washington County Hospital sets up a satellite computer network between the two facilities

September 1997Cynthia M. Pellegrino is appointed the first female, nonphysician director.

Sept. 14, 1997 - 40th anniversary celebration is held, with the public invited to an open house.

November 1997 - A Computer Resource Lab for patients opens.

November 1997 - The first patient-produced newsletter is distributed.

Nov. 19, 1997 - Nursing home clients are moved to the newly renovated 1 East.

Jan. 1998 - Assistive Technology Program is initiated.

March 1998 - New fleet of ventilators are purchased for the first time in 18-year history.

March 1998 - Cordless telephones are placed on nursing units for patient use.

May 13, 1998 - Initial Directors Awards are given to 14 recipients for living the values and beliefs of WMHC.

May 13, 1998 - WMHC participated in the Senior Fair in the community

June 9, 1998- Nursing home clients are moved to newly renovated 1 West.

July 1998 - Dr. Johnson becames the medical director of the Dialysis Unit

1998 - The Transitional Living Apartment is completed for patient trial re-entry into the community.

July 28,1998- The First Grand Rounds for community physicians and health-care staff are presented by Dr. Garazo and Dr. Hall

May 1998 - WMHC receives the Maryland Bronze Quality Award

June 1998 - Grand opening of the Veterans Affairs clinical services.

Sept. 3, 1998 - First electronic transmission of MDS data to the State of Maryland and federal officials.

November 1998 - WMHC wins the Governor's Level III Award.

November 1998 - Bath Team wins the Exceptional Employee Achievement Award in the Innovative Team category.

November 1998 - Phase I of Therapeutic Gardens water garden completed

July 1998 - Disability Support Group formed.

May 1999 - WMHC wins the Bronze Maryland Quality Award.

May 1999 - Para-transit training initiated.

June 1999 - Phase II of Therapeutic Gardens, flagpole, plantings completed.

June 23, 1999 - WHMC joined forces with MiHi (Many Individuals Helping Individuals) & CAT (Corporation for Assistive Technology) to form the Western Maryland Assistive Technology Link

October 1999 - H. Linn Hendershot forms Empowerment 2000, a support group for those with disabilities.

November 1999 - WMHC wins The Governor's Level II Award.

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