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March 29, 2007|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

Arts school to get half of budget request

ANNAPOLIS - Three of Washington County's four bond bills have survived the budget process so far, but not in their entirety.

The House and the Senate each had $10 million to divide among various projects.

On the House side, the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts in Hagerstown got $150,000, down from the $300,000 that was requested.

On the Senate side, two projects made the cut - $100,000 for repairing the Big Slackwater section of the C&O Canal National Historical Park and $150,000 for the renovation of Washington County Museum of Fine Arts.

The original bond bill requests were $200,000 for the Big Slackwater project and $300,000 for the museum.

One Washington County delegation bond bill was not funded at all: $300,000 for constructing and equipping a gymnasium at Brook Lane Health Services.


The amounts are not guaranteed until a final version of the budget is approved.

$2.2 million more given for building schools

ANNAPOLIS - As part of the budget process, Washington County has been given $2.2 million more in school construction funding.

That, plus $6.7 million previously allocated, would give the county $8.9 million.

The $6.7 million was earmarked for replacing Pang-born Elementary School in Hagerstown and building an elementary school in the Westfields development along Sharpsburg Pike.

The funding won't become certain until there's a final version of the budget.

House OKs plan to remove excise-tax cap

ANNAPOLIS - A plan to remove the ceiling on Washington County's excise tax has been approved in the state House of Delegates.

The House approved the bill 131-7 on Saturday.

It has been sent to the Senate.

The bill would allow the county to remove the excise-tax cap for one year. A task force would recommend a fee system based on square footage, charging more for larger homes.

The current excise tax on new residential construction is $13,000 for single-family homes and $15,500 per unit for multi-family homes.

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