Letters to the editor

March 28, 2007

Waterways need your help

To the editor:

The waterways and estuaries need your help to get support for a bill that would protect them - the Stormwater Management Act of 2007 (SB 784/HB 786).

This bill will protect the bay from polluted runoff from new developments by requiring developers to use low-impact design techniques to trap and filter rain falling on the site before it reaches our rivers and the bay.

The Maryland legislature is considering important legislation to set higher standards to decrease pollution from new development. Please help us by spreading the word!


Brandy Culbertson
Frederick, Md.

Submit a photo for Hancock contest

To the editor:

The Hancock Arts Council's "Our Town" 2007 photo contest will be over March 31, and we need your help. More entrees are needed that exemplify life in Hancock.

I've displayed some photo examples and some of last year's winners at the storefront at Main Street and Pennsylvania Avenue (it was Jim's Game Room.)

Entry forms and a fact sheet are available at the War Memorial Library, where the winning photos will be displayed. Like last year, the Chamber of Commerce is providing prize money - $100 grand prize, and $50 for winners in three categories, people, places and things.

Anyone can enter, except the judges (E. Twigg, P. Smith, S. Bishop, S. Judge.) Photos submitted should have been taken after Jan. 1, 2001.

Eight-by-10-inch photos are required so they can be displayed properly in the library. They (digital enlargements) can be obtained very reasonably ($2 each) online.

There is no need to frame or mat your 8-by-10 photo submission this year, as that will be taken care of by the arts council.

Larger photos are also welcome, but framing for display will be the responsibility of the entrant. Computer-printer-generated photos of good quality are acceptable. If there are any questions not answered here, or in the fact sheet, I can be reached at and will be happy to help. Last year's grand prize winner was David Parker ,with a photo of his grandson fishing in the Potomac River. It was taken with an inexpensive, disposable digital camera.

I hope you will help us find some prize-winning photos to exemplify and promote the town of Hancock. Please enter soon.

Sam Judge
Hancock Arts Council
Photo contest coordinator

Smokes are legal and raw milk isn't?

To the editor:

Raw milk drinkers are healthy. They do not go to their doctors or hospitals with illness associated with raw milk. Raw milk heals them from chronic illnesses and conditions. HB1010 will decrease medical expenses in Maryland.

At the bill's hearing was testimony from a 35-year-old woman who was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer three years ago and given three years to live.

After two unsuccessful rounds of chemo, she switched her diet to include raw milk. She is healthy and her cancer has shrunk considerably. Also speaking was a 60-something year old grandmother who formerly suffered from chronic fatigue taking nine medications per day who began drinking raw milk.

After six months, she is energetic, and medication free. Another woman complained she could legally buy cigarettes or alcohol, but not healthy, nutrient-dense raw milk from Maryland farms.

The Farm Bureau stated its "fear" that a disease associated with raw milk would hurt the Maryland dairy industry. Raw milk sales exist in 28 states that have industrial dairy operations. Perhaps they fear competition with a product they do not produce.

The Farm Bureau does not represent all of Maryland's farmers. Many farmers want this bill. Industrial dairy farms have a very low return to the farmer, causing Maryland to lose many dairy farms. Selling clean, raw milk to the final consumer supports the farm, keeps the revenues within the community and will renew Maryland's dairy industry.

Liz Reitzig, President
Maryland Independent Consumers and Farmers Association
Bowie, Md.

Editor's note: The Herald-Mail does not endorse the health claims made in the previous letter for "raw milk." We suggest that for a balancing view, readers visit the following Web site:

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