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March 26, 2007

Last week's question:

During National Sunshine Week, a local reporter found it difficult to get information that by law should have been public. Have you ever sought information and been denied it by local government officials?

· Oh, boo hoo.

· You have to look in the places to get your info.

· Never been flat-out denied, but I've been put through the royal runaround to get basic information. Seems to me that since Sept. 11, 2001, it's like pulling teeth to get anything out of anyone anymore.

· This week's question stinks, as evidenced by the lack of responses thus far. It seems to me that this paper is trying to manufacture a story because it feels slighted by a perceived lack of respect by a local government.


A better way to pose this question might have been to ask: "Should measures be established to penalize a local government that fails to meet time requirements for release of information requested by the public? If so, what should those measures include?"

I also predict that next week's question will involve either 1. safety concerns associated with the transfer of inmates from Jessup to Hagerstown, or 2. the statewide smoking ban now being considered in Annapolis.

· Get real, people, if there's a major disaster, terror attack or whatever, believe me, you're on your own! Learn how to use a firearm.

· This question does stink. I have to agree with you there. Besides, how many people have actually had to go looking for anything that they couldn't get from the 'net on a Google search?

· Are you folks saying that you do not trust your own goverment? I'm shocked. Surely they have no agenda that could not face the light of day. Well, no sleep for me tonight.

· As a former local government worker (not in this area), I feel compelled to say that most government workers actually care about their community and try to do the best job they can.

There are always a few bad apples, but that can be said about any organization. It's my experience that when requested information is slow to be released, it is usually because the workers are diligently trying to find the information. Many organizations are understaffed, which means less than stellar filing systems.

Add requests for information on top of an already overworked staff, and it may appear that obfuscation is occurring, but (again, for the most part) it is not intentional.

I agree we should hold our governments up to high standards....and most are actually trying to do the right thing (at least in my experience).

· Well said. I agree. Now I can sleep.

· Yea right, Like LeRoy, Shank and company

· No, but I do think the local government of Hagerstown does have its share of secrets.

This week's question:

Assuming that another year's delay will add millions to the project, what is is the best way to convince the five still appealing the Washington County Hospital's proposed move to Robinwood to end their challenge?

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