You Said It

March 26, 2007

To our callers

Since we have been getting so many longer comments on our You Said It line, it has become necessary for The Morning Herald to shorten the time allotted for calls.

When calling You Said It, you should try to limit your calls to 30 seconds.

If you have trouble getting your comment across in a timely manner, it might be worth writing your comment down first on paper, then reading it when you call the You Said It line.

In addition, e-mails received for You Said It have also been much longer than we can run in the column. When e-mailing, please limit your comments to about three sentences.


Thank you for your cooperation.

"To all of you that say you're an anti-war protester but not an anti-soldier protester, I would like to tell you how wrong you are. As a military member, it is my view and the majority of military members I know is that if you're against the war, you're against us. By not supporting the war, you are in fact not supporting what we are doing in Iraq. What you are telling us is we should not be there and all the deaths of military members have been for nothing. That is how military members feel about your anti-war protests. Support us in all we do; that's all we ask."

- Washington County

"To the call from Hagerstown about being asked for ID at the bank for a check: Ever heard of identity theft? It happens quite frequently, not just with SS cards or driver's licenses. I had felt the same way you do until I became a bank teller. It is quite disturbing to see someone get their identity stolen. Please don't make our jobs harder than they are. Help us protect you and our other customers."

"This is in reference to the article in Tuesday's Daily Mail. 'Most Board of Education (BOE) members oppose changing elective process.' There are three new elementary schools being built in Washington County this year; guess where they are: Hagerstown, Hagerstown and Hagerstown. The BOE should visit Smithsburg Elementary and watch the children take the state tests in the hallway, as there is not enough classrooms."

- Smithsburg

"Thanks to WICL 95.9 radio in Williamsport for changing its musical format to oldies. It's terrific, just what this area needed."

- Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

"Thank you, Pastor Alessandri, for your guitar playing on Sunday. My wife and I feel it is a nice change from the other guitar playing we hear."

"My daughter is a single mother of six children. She pays her bills and always puts her children's needs before hers. Due to the fact that she makes too much money to get help and not enough to go to a real dentist, for several months she's been trying to get an appointment at the health department to have teeth pulled. She has had no success with this. What she needs is to have all her teeth pulled and dentures, but she tells me she'll get by. I've seen my daughter lose 10 pounds and not eat because she cannot chew anything. I know this is silly, but I would really like to see my girl smile again. Is there anyone out there that can help us? Thank you. Have a good day."

- Hagerstown

"I cannot believe that a customer of a bank for 30 years would complain because a teller is protecting their account and their money. Yes, if a teller doesn't recognize you, they're gonna ask for ID. If you're going to a drive-through, you're driving a car; therefore, you should have your driver's license. Are you gonna complain if a cop pulls you over, that you can't rifle through and get your driver's license out for him? Give me a break. And yes, scams happen all the time. There are people who steal checks out of people's checkbooks, and they'll do it for a little amount at a time (so) as to not raise suspicion. So I would be grateful that a teller is asking you for ID if I've banked there many years."

- Keedysville

"As far as this thing with the pollution in the bay goes, just think: Years ago when it snowed and the roads were icy, they used cinders. Now they're using salt and potash and that kind of stuff, and the roads are just white for a couple days after the snowstorm is gone and the roads are dry. Of course, this eventually gets into the bay. So you need to look no further than our own state roads department, and mostly all the states are using that now. That's where your pollution is coming from."

- Boonsboro

"Thank you to all of the Washington County public school bus drivers who got our kids home safe and sound Friday afternoon. You did a great job, and we really appreciate it."

- Knoxville

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