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March 25, 2007

The following teams won honors at Saturday's Western Maryland Regional Destination Imagination Tournament held at South Hagerstown High School and Emma K. Doub School for Arts and Integrated Technology. The names were supplied in a booklet by the Destination Imagination organizers.

Direct Flight

Elementary teams

First place - Pangborn (Rayanna Anthony, Bryn Dao, Brianna Denham, Brittnay Denham, Joey Gladhill, Sydni Wilson and Ethan Wilt)

Second place - Paramount (Brittany Appleby, Stephen Ashby, Garrett Carbaugh, Brianna Harris, Alyssa Jones, Loren Odell and Noah Perini)

Intermediate teams

First place - New Market Middle School (Grace Duke, Travis Moxley, Michael Perrotta, Logan Pomeroy and Zach Vannoy)

Second place - Northern Middle (Sammy DeJesus, Matthew Hetzer, Andrew Higgins, Max Kross, Noah Mun, Tyler Odell and Emily Smith)

Third place - Northern Middle (Aetagan Arivalahan, Bernard Cabatit, Rajan Patel, Jason White and Megan Willard)

Secondary teams

First place - Walkersville High School (Jared Auwarter, Jessie Case, Colin Hartman, Ian Hartman, Charles Koogle, Richard Koogle and Cody Stevens)



Elementary teams

First place - Green Valley (Jonathan Britton, Claire Coupard, Brighid Hobson, Lincoln Robisch, Sara Temple and Garret Wiehler)

Second place - Lincolnshire (Danielle Chapman, Jessica Crist, Jordan Pine, Hamza Sher, Wendy Smith, Taryn Whitmore and Ayse Yilmaz)

Third place - Emma K. Doub (Sarah Anderson, Benjamin Couvertier, Autumn Gill, Jenna Hammond, Bijal Kikani, Kelsey Winters and Natalia Patino)

Fourth place - Winfield (Hayley Becker, Zoe Bittner, Chris Gavin, Cortland Kimm, Jacob Linn, Jesse Mattingly and Mac Rogers)

Intermediate teams

First place - Northern Middle (Deanna Brunner, Taylor Griffin, Adrienne Kramer, Amanda Krehbiel, Aiman Siddiqui and Caroline Wills)

Second place - Oakdale Middle (Ryan Burrow, Peder Delia, Forrest Lisle, Lauren Lopatka, William Pratt and Dani Skinner)

Third place - New Market Middle (Caitlin McCue, Ksandra Vnangst, Brian Doyle and Ike Bonneville)

Fourth place - Northern Middle (Suzie Bechtel, Rachel Burke, Kiersten Caudo, Carly Lewis, Sean Magee and Parai Suarez)

Secondary teams

First place - Walkersville High School (Lauren Donahue, Anderson Foster, Nick Hobbs, Rebecca Logan-Brown and Megan Wood)

Round About Courage

Elementary teams

First place - Winfield (Richard Alexander, Ben Brooks, Ryan Johnson, Alexandra Lilly, Kelli Rubin and Josh Turskey)

Second place - Emma K. Doub (Kaylee Asper, Garret Coleman, Luke Giancola, Hannah Pickerall, Heather Pickerall, Rachel Shank and Whitley Tobei)

Third place - Green Valley (Casey Fisher, Ariel Heller, Anna Musselman, Patrick Parraga, Kirsten Winston and Emily Anthony)

Intermediate teams

First place - Dynamic Imagineers (Kerry Caraballo, David Harper, Leah Harrell, Daniel Hockensmith, Rajon Imes and Tatum True)

Second place - St. Mary's (Christina Carbone, Alexis Cleary, Katherine Forsythe, Angela Parruci, Alexa Radley, Avery Starliper and Danielle Warren)

Third place - New Market (Kelsea Ayers, Ian Blaemire, Jacob Butler, Nathan Sparks, Rebecca Sweeney, Kate Vannoy and Katelyn Montgomery)

Fourth place - Northern Middle (Annie Beachley, Samantha Beard, Ashley McCoy, Stephanie Milani and Jacqueline Stewart)

Fifth place - Ballenger Creek (Sabrina Arif, Keith Barker, Erika DeSalvio, Sam Gregoire, Sarah Joy, Ciera Orton and Amelia Werner)

Secondary teams

First place - North Hagerstown High (Katie Bechtel, Becka Beard, Tyree Burnett, Wilson Poffenberger, Starlena Quintana and Beth Zimmerman)

Second place - Imagine That! (Ashley Birdsell, Samantha Eyler, Danielle Marin, Obella Obbo, Aubrey Swartzendruber)

Switching traDItions

Elementary teams

First place - New Market (Anthony Amadeo, Claire Connor, Jimmy Mawdsley, Kim Oswald, Sebastian Patellis, Sarah Ward and Cazmier Tymoch)

Intermediate teams

First place - E. Russell Hicks Middle (Kevin Cooper, Laura Cooper, Jonas Notarianni-Stephens and Tyler Notarianni-Stephens)

Second place - Springfield Middle (Nikki Allison, Courtney Breeden, Kaitlin Bussard, Taylor Findley, Kelcee Kemp, Lansing McKenzie and Megan Manlove)

Third place - New Market Middle (Emily Butcher, Abee Lapen, Samuel Newhouse, Michael Perrotta, Tony Prete, Sara Smith and Henry Strand)

Secondary teams

First place - 7 Minstrels (Laura Baker, Kevin Cole, Melissa Dorrence, Danny French, Emily Huebner, Christiana Martin and Katy McDonald)

Second place - Lunch Break (C.J. Carey, Meaghan Holahan and Joselie McCracken)

Third place - Liberty High (Casey Dunn, Mary Kate Stromberg, Chris Harvey, Rachael Bender, Nick Hayes, Maura Bernstein and Nathan Wong)


Elementary teams

First and fifth places - Green Valley (Patrick Meade, Tyler Parraga, Jessica Temple, Kimberly Winston, Daniel Baarrett, Jacob Glensor, Steven Martin, Christopher Maze, Teddy Proctor and Matthew Sauerhoff)

Second place - Winfield (Amy Donna Bittler, Brian Cave, Shannon Lilly, Brian Plummer, Maggi Uhland and Edgar Vegar)

Third place - Emma K. Doub (Conor Almoney, Tanner Barnett, Jade Bender, Abby Giancola, Katelyn Mehrling, Hadssah Muthoka and Sarah Winters)

Fourth place - New Market (Kamryn Breidenstein, Frank De Rose, Sam Friedman, Jeremy Meredith, Jessica Parke, Ariana Sadoughi and Nick Weimel)

Secondary teams

First place - Walkersville High (Patti Wood, Debbie Auwarter, Teresa Bitt, Julianne Auwarter, Tyler Brent and Shaun Wood)

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