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March 23, 2007

What do atheists have?

To the editor:

I have been reading many editorials on creation and I would like to say what I believe about it. I am a Christian because my grandparents were and my parents were and I was taught about Jesus and almighty God at an early age. Let me say on the outset that I respect those who do not believe like I do, we can still be friends, this is the American way, it's called freedom.

Anyway let me say right up front that I can't prove to you that I am right and the atheist is wrong. To me there are no absolutes for either argument. Although I've proven him to myself over and over in my experiences through 83 years of my life. You see we Christians have the Holy Spirit within us, helping us in our struggles and to help us be better people. No, this doesn't make us holier than thou, so to speak or anything but we feel the spirit is with us to help us live our lives, the atheist may say it's psychological, etc.


I say if you have a group of say 100 Christians or any other faith, these people in my opinion would be guided by higher principals than 100 atheist group of people.

Now we all know there are extremists. In all religions but they are in the minority, thank goodness.

As I've stated before it's my tradition to believe in God almighty as our creator and in Jesus Christ his son our savior and the Holy Spirit. I believe this as a child would without having to prove it to anyone else. To me there is as much physical evidence for my faith as there would be for evolution.

Again I respect Allen Powell as a well read and very intelligent professor. But I still maintain there are no absolutes either way.

So I'll take my chances on being a Christian expecting eternal life through my belief in the lord Jesus Christ. Also believing God is our creator.

Then you may be an atheist that is your choice and when you die you'll be all dressed up with no place to go. What will you gain if its the whole world and lose your own soul?

We have the golden rule and the Ten Commandments as something to help us be better citizens.

What does the atheist have for a higher authority to help them.

Jack Myers

Evidence is with the Bible

To the editor:

In Mr. Powell's attempt to disprove and otherwise malign the validity of the Biblical records, and Christianity as a whole he has failed to give any real evidence to support his claims. All that Mr. Powell has said has been based upon biased opinion and not a thorough exegetical study of the historicity of the Bible, or of its theological and doctrinal truths. Yes Mr. Powell, I said, "Truths." In his letter to the editor, Mr. Powell says, "It must be remembered that when a fundamentalist quotes the Bible, it is given that this provides him with a safety zone that protects him from evidence, logic and plain common sense." Mr. Powell where is this evidence, logic, and common sense that you speak of. You are quick to make such statements, but never back your statements up with evidence, logic or common sense. In the past, Mr. Powell has said that there is "Mountains of Evidence," against the Biblical record, but he has yet to even produce a "Mole Hills" worth. Mr. Powell says, "Biblical literalism with its baggage of anti-rationalism is now as intellectually bankrupt as it was at its inception." No, Mr. Powell. I believe that when the evidence is presented, that it will be you has been weighed, measured, and come up wanting.

Mr. Powell, in your letter you said that, "In the market place of ideas" I must put my "product on the counter just like everybody else," and that "Evangelists and philosophers are on the same footing and should be held to the same standards of evidence and reason." In reply to this, I gladly and confidently accept your invitation to do so, if you are so inclined to lay your "product on the counter" as well. If you are willing to lay aside the school yard insults and name calling for a rational and intelligent discussion about theology with someone you say should have been "greeted with a chuckle and regarded as an oddity," then let's meet over a cup of coffee. A man of such intellect as yourself should not have any problem in defending your claims. By the way, the coffee is on me.

Pastor Robert D. Welty, Th.D.
Boonsboro Bible Church

Spirituality is important

To the editor:

I believe the role of spirituality in our lives is very important. I believe without belief in God our presence on earth becomes somewhat meaningless.

All of our blessings - spouses, children, friends, health and material items are a result of God working our lives. To many people the previous statement is a falsehood. Many believe they have complete control over their lives and are responsible for their successes in life. They believe God has no influence on their lives. I disagree.

The power of prayer, I believe has been demonstrated over time to bring about remarkable healing and the end of brokenness in lives and families.

I have attended church most of my life. Has that prevented pain from occurring in my life? No. To this point in my life, all of my pain (and some of it was very serious) has been healed with time. Many believers of God believe God has a master plan for each and every one of us. If you come to that belief, I believe that makes life more comfortable.

I also believe God expects each and every one of us to use the talents we have to the fullest extent. I don't claim to have all the answers, however I am willing to think about my relationship with God and try to build upon it over time.

Meredith Fouche

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