Kelly's Cuts

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

March 23, 2007

"I cold-heartedly agree with him."

Well, you don't have to be mean about it."

"It was the first parade that she'd ever seen alive."

Was she dead for all the other parades she saw?

"It was exemplary - way much better."

It can't get much better than that.

"I'm a residence of Williamsport."

I wish these houses would stop using the telephone when no one's looking.

"The whole ten yards."

Nine yards just wasn't enough this time.


"For an exuberant cost."

Is that a price that we should be enthusiastic about paying?

"I've lived on earth for over 70 years."

And where before that?

"Is there a lack of communications, or do they just don't know what's going on?"

Probably a little of both.

" up a keg of worms."

Is that a party-size can?

"Twelve months a year for the whole year."

That sounds like a long time.

"It's just like the old adage: You have to buy your friends."

I prefer to rent my friends on a month-to-month basis.

" . . . unarmed newborn baby . . . "

He must have known about the metal detectors."

"I doubt you print this, because you don't print anything you don't want to print about anything you don't want to print about."

How could we not print this gem?

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