Blast from the Past

March 21, 2007

Week of March 18, 1957

Coy A. Price of Boonsboro was recently proclaimed Washington County's corn-growing champion at a banquet held in honor of Maryland corn-growing champions. His yield of 134.10 bushels per acre was the top yield in this county in the 1956 National Selected Five Acre DeKalb Corn Growing Contest. Runner-up winner was James T. Haney Jr. of Hagerstown, who produced a yield of 132.72 bushels per acre. Kermit H. Strite, also of Hagers- town, was third, with a yield of 112.75 bushels per acre. Fourth-place winner William Doub of Williamsport produced a yield of 112.62 bushels per acre.

Leo Patrick Burke Jr., Hagerstown High School's three-sport star of several years ago, probably won't make the grade with the Baltimore Orioles this year, but he's definitely Major League material for the future. That's the word from Scottsdale, Ariz., where the 22-year-old rookie outfielder is currently in training with the Baltimore American League club. Manager Paul Richards has been highly impressed by Burke's showing in the preseason workouts, saying "This boy Burke from Hagers- town is a top-notch prospect. He has all of the natural ability that is needed to become a great player."


Hagerstown seems likely to have a good chance to see the first man-made satellite when it zooms through the sky later this year. One specialist in astronomy announced that it will actually be possible to see the man-made satellite a considerable distance north of Hagerstown because it'll be quite high in its orbit. But Hagerstown might be in a position to see the final show if the satellite should make its fiery descent from its orbit while near the northernmost part of its flight.

Hundreds of Washington County children, most of them in the rural areas, and all of them potential victims of infantile paralysis, have not received a single shot of the Salk vaccine. Hundreds of parents have failed to obtain this polio preventive vaccine for their children by taking them to their family physicians. Whether or not this neglect was due to their inability to pay for the three inoculations each child must receive to obtain virtual protection against polio was not ascertained.

Week of March 18, 1982

The Hagerstown Zonta Club is bringing the inimitable Pearl Bailey to this city in "An Evening with Pearl Bailey," Friday, April 30 at The Maryland Theatre. Members of the club decided they wanted to invite "an outstanding woman" here. Thus the rambunctious Pearl, who can change skins like a chameleon as she performs, will be coming in a little different light, with a more intimate, folksy style, as she talks, throws in a little singing and entertains. Primarily, the proceeds from the tickets will go to the Family Service/Big Sister Agency of Washington County, specifically for the Family Life Education Program.

Anybody lose a tire? Rax Roast Beef's restaurant manager would like to know, and explained that the tire surprised diners and employees alike by smashing against the wingwall of the building along Dual Highway. Hagerstown City Police were called to investigate, but the owner of the wayward tire, apparently unaware of the loss, could not be located. Officials believe the tire fell from a tractor-trailer.

- Compiled by Kelly Moreno

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