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Extraordinary toys

March 20, 2007|by DARCY SHULL

Movie Review

What if the future needed your help, but all they sent you to help them was a mysterious box of toys? In "The Last Mimzy," two children try to correct the genes in a futuristic race by learning special powers from the toys in the box.

When Noah and Emma Wilder vacation with their family at a beach house, they find a strange metal cube in the water. They take it home and discover extraordinary toys inside - toys like nothing else on Earth.

Since the two actors are elementary school age, and since they are playing with toys, you would think this is a children's movie. But it's exciting for all ages.


One night, Emma is playing with the box and finds a secret compartment where a small stuffed rabbit is hidden. Its name is Mimzy, and it can communicate, using frequencies of noise. Mimzy says that the future needs Noah's and Emma's help.

Playing with the toys leads the children into strange and sometimes dangerous activities involving the fate of the world, but also ties into today's national security fears. At one point, the Wilder family is accused of terrorism and gets in trouble with law enforcement.

I found this movie to be very interesting, although some scenes were a little confusing. Many of the actors were unknown to me, but they all did a wonderful job. The special features they used to create sounds were awesome. The music also enhanced the excitement in the theater.

I recommend "The Last Mimzy" to people who are into sci-fi or just good movies. It's rated PG and is 94 minutes long.

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