Landmarks set to be commemorated

March 20, 2007

Hagerstown landmarks that will receive historic plaques:

· City Hall

At this site on July 6, 1863, Union Capt. Ulric Dahlgren was wounded in his right leg. The leg was amputated. Dahlgren was killed in 1864.

· Circuit Courthouse

At this site, a Confederate ransom of the City of Hagerstown was finalized for $20,000.

· Washington House

John Brown, two of his sons and J.G. Anderson stayed here when it was the Washington House Hotel. After the building burned down, it was replaced by the Baldwin House Hotel.

· Susquehanna Bank Annex

The Lyceum, a public debating hall, was constructed in 1848 at this site. Debates took place here before the Civil War on the state of the Union. The building later served as a hospital for both sides.


· Franklin Hotel

Now the site of the city parking garage, local physician Norman Bruce Scott treated Confederate and Union wounded at the hotel.

· Rochester House

Now the city parking lot, several Union wounded were treated here, including Capt. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Holmes was wounded at Antietam.

· 32 S. Potomac St.

A street battle took place here July 29, 1864.

· Zion Reformed Church

A sniper fired at George Armstrong Custer in the bell tower on July 12, 1863.

· St. John's Lutheran Church

On July 13, 1863, Union Gen. Oliver O. Howard observed Confederate battle positions from the tower.

· Independent Junior Fire Co.

Served as a field hospital to treat the wounded.

· Northwest quadrant of Public Square

The Hagerstown Mail's editor and co-owner, Daniel Dechert, was arrested and sent to prison for writing pro-Confederate columns.

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