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March 19, 2007

Last week's question:

Recently the Washington County Commissioners heard that widening Maugans Avenue will cost more than $3 million more than projected, due to what staffers now agree was a faulty estimate. What can be done to prevent such errors in the future?

They can prohibit "out of county-ers" from over developing our precious land. They have no concept of our heritage nor do they care about it. The only thing the devlopers care about is putting money in their pockets, all the while ruining our lifestyle.

Get more than one estimate.

Well, the obvious solution would be to learn how to estimate! If you had someone (or a couple of someones, who knew how to estimate to begin with you wouldn't be $3 million off the mark! I agree with the first post, too. Washington County's losing its identity. Since the urbanites found out that it's less costly to live here, they've moved up here and brought the demand for their lifestyle with them.


Upfront clarifications: I'm not a "newbie" to the county and I have no affiliation whatsoever with the county government or the contractors involved in the Maugans Avenue project ... You get what you pay for. When you compensate county employees better, you'll attract folks with stronger skills and ultimately receive better products from the civil servants.

Hire people who know what they are doing!

Elect commissioners who are honest and who know what they are doing.

Keep the roads as they are. Let the people who moved here suffer with what they brought with them.

Claiming ignorance and pointing fingers are excuses. There are people paid, very well, to prevent such "errors." Were they held accountable? No. So don't expect anything different in the future.

By a four-of-five majority, our county commissioners align themselves with the political party of one of the most unaccountable White Houses ever, with each new day seemingly to show they are moved only by their own one vision ideology. To think that now we learn a prospective supreme court justice nominee recommended to the president firing all U.S. Attorneys based on their political party. And the attorney general feels this is nothing to be alarmed about.

These are our county commissioners' role models. When ineffective leaders are not held accountable for their mistakes, we as taxpayers will continue to pay more for less. And when those left unaccountable also continue to remain in power and benefit, society further erodes for the masses.

What would be helpful would to get spelling lessons for The Herald-Mail staff. This newspaper is a joke.

Amen! This used to be a nice area to live in, until all of the city folks started moving in, driving up the prices of houses to the point of unaffordability. I am really tired of watching farms being sold and clusters of high-priced houses being built.

The sad part of it all (and I know I speak for many) is that I could not afford to buy my own house at today's prices.

Remember, the EDC lobbied to give big discounts (millions) to developers of commercial property on Maugans Avenue for their share of road costs. Once again, developers get a free ride and taxpayers get stuck with the bill.

Bill those who gave the wrong estimate to begin with.

How about billing the industries that are making all the noise about widening the road in the first place? You know the people that live out that way don't want to be awakened at 7 a.m. every day by the sounds of jackhammers going and having to deal with the mess. That road's fine! Apply that money to roads that need work because they're full of ruts and are about to fall apart beneath your car wheels.

Hire people to give estimates rather than guesses.

A politician's pay should be based on the amount of money saved and returned to the payee.

Well, my father always said two heads are better than one. How about a second opinion? I do believe that with a savvy leader such as John Barr, with his construction background, this will not likely happen on his watch.

Give them a bonus for finishing on time and under budget. That would get rid of the delay and overrun cost factors.

Re: Sunday, March 11, Tim Rowland article, "Why must every project in Washington County turn into a mess?" Tim and Bob, sure we can forget what's past and join forces to make the best improvement, but not at the wrong location.

Why do all the projects end up a mess? Because the ones deciding are never considering the common taxpayer/resident. They are always deciding in favor of big business. Every time, every situation, same result.

This week's question:

During National Sunshine Week, a local reporter found it difficult to get information that by law should have been public. Have you ever been denied public information by local government officials?

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