Test your women's history knowledge

March 18, 2007

Test your women's history trivia skills by answering the following questions compiled from various history and women's Web sites. The answers are posted below the quiz.

1: What African-American woman refused to give up her bus seat for a white man in Montgomery, Ala., in 1955, inspiring the Civil Rights movement?

2: Who was the first woman to run for United States president?

3: What was the name of the female journalist who, in 1890, traveled around the world in 72 days?

4: What former slave was a powerful speaker for women's and blacks' rights?

5: Who became the first fully accredited female doctor in the United States? She was rejected by several medical schools before she was accepted and graduated from one.

6: Which suffragette was arrested and convicted of trying to vote in the 1872 election? The 19th Amendment -in 1920 - granting women over 21 the right to vote was named after her.


7: When did Little League Baseball officials announce that they would "defer to the changing social climate" and let girls play on their teams?

8. When was the equal rights amendment first introduced to Congress?

9. What woman served as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, helping lead hundreds of southern slaves to freedom?

10. What Shoshone Indian woman served as a guide and interpreter on the Lewis and Clark expedition, carrying her baby boy the entire way?

11. What suffragist's unwavering support for Turkish trousers won her fame in the mid-1800s?

12. Who was the diplomat and "First Lady of the World" who helped win adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948?

13. Who is an Osage Indians descendant who became known as the greatest ballerina born in America?

14. What woman led the 125-mile "march of the mill children" from the mills of Pennsylvania to President Theodore Roosevelt's Long Island vacation home to bring attention to the evils of child labor in 1903?

15. What Mexican-American labor activist co-founded the National Farm Workers Association, the predecessor to the United Farm Workers Union, in 1962, serving for two decades as the union's vice-president and chief lobbyist?

16. Who became known as the "world's foremost female experimental physicist and was invited to teach nuclear physics at Princeton University even though no female students were allowed to attend classes there?

17. What woman founded the American Red Cross and became one of the first woman in America to hold a government post as copyist in the Patent Office in Washington D.C.?

18. What was the name of the Supreme Court decision that provided a clearer definition of workplace sexual harassment?

19. What trial first introduced the principle of "the best interest of the child?"

20. What was the real name of the woman who was "Jane Roe" in the famous Roe v. Wade 1973 Supreme Court decision that gave women abortion rights?

For more Women's History Month quiz questions, visit the following Web sites:

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2. Victoria Woodhull, 1872; 3. Nellie Bly; 4. Sojourner Truth; 5. Elizabeth Blackwell; 6. Susan B. Anthony; 7. 1974; 8. 1923; 9. Harriet Tubman; 10. Sacajawea; 11. Amelia Bloomer; 12. Eleanor Roosevelt; 13. Maria Tallchief; 14. Mary Harris "Mother" Jones; 15. Dolores Huerta; 16. Chien-Shiung Wu; 17. Clara Barton; 18. Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson; 19. Pennsylvania v. Addics; 20. Norma McCorvey

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