Pa. league wants township to help pitch in at fields

March 15, 2007|by KATE S. ALEXANDER

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Washington Township Supervisors will vote Monday whether to help fund two new backstops for baseball fields used by the Pen Mar Youth League.

At a workshop session of the Washington Township Board of Supervisors Wednesday, the league requested funding for one new backstop at its field along Pa. 16 in Blue Ridge Summit, Pa., and the supervisors reviewed proposals for a second backstop at the Pine Hill Recreation Center ball field.

Ed Barnett, a league representative, said the Pen Mar Youth League does not have the money to construct the "much needed" backstop at its Blue Ridge Summit field.

Township manager Mike Christopher said because the league owns the field in Blue Ridge Summit, the township cannot directly fund the backstop without setting a precedent and assuming liability.


"I think it is a very dangerous precedent to put money into places you don't have control over," Christopher advised the board. "If your money buys the backstop, you are liable for it."

In an effort to help the league and divert unwanted liability, Christopher suggested supervisors reimburse the league for a fence and scoreboard it paid to construct at the Pine Hill Recreation Center.

By reimbursing the league $8,642 for the fence and scoreboard, Christopher said the township would provide more than enough money for the league to construct a backstop at the Blue Ridge Summit field.

Supervisor Christopher Firme recommended the board look into establishing a grant program to allocate recreation funds in the future to local groups who request funding for non-township facilities.

Chairman Carroll Sturm said the township had agreed to fund the construction of the field at township-owned Pine Hill Recreation Center. He also said the township will fund the backstop at the Pine Hill field.

Speaking on behalf of the Pen Mar Youth League, Barnett said he was thrilled with Christopher's recommendation.

"We don't care how the money gets there, just that we can make things happen for the league," he said.

The township will vote on a proposal from E. Perry Fence Co. for the backstop at Pine Hill and the reimbursement of funds to the Pen Mar Youth League at the regularly scheduled meeting on Monday.

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