You Said It

March 12, 2007

"Don't you think it is suspicious that the news stories dealing with political scandal are spun to embarrass the Republicans? There are hundreds of examples of this. Don't think that you are getting the whole truth just because it was on TV or in the newspaper."

- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"A very little research found that as of March 6, President George W. Bush had issued 113 presidential pardons to people who had already served their entire jail sentence, and had commuted in addition the sentences of three people. The three people whose sentences were commuted stayed in jail an average of 12 years each. 'Scooter' Libby will never spend a day in jail."

- Rohrersville

"Del. LeRoy Myers has announced he's against the bar/restaurant smoking ban because it infringes on people's freedom. At the same time, he wants to waste our tax dollars by banning the display of imitation bull testicles. No one has died from seeing bull testicles, but many have died from secondhand smoke. What's wrong with this picture?"


- Williamsport

"The new hospital is a done deal and in my opinion, the five appellants are wasting their time and money, and indirectly some of our money if the costs go up. But so what? Government wastes my money all the time. The delegation should stay out of it and let the process play out. If they want new laws, how about laws to streamline the appeals process? Why does it take two years?"

- Huyetts

"Should anybody be surprised about the way vets are treated after they are wounded, in the veterans' hospitals? Every car has a 'Support the troops' ribbon on it, but how many of those people would volunteer just one day a month at a vet hospital? Sorry to say, probably not very many."

- Sharpsburg

"I would like to thank the neighbors for cleaning my driveway. It was still snowing this a.m., March 7, and they were there. Thanks again, because I could not do it."

"Thank you, Antietam Cable, for adding MASN and MASN2 to the cable channels. I will now be able to watch my favorite team, the Baltimore Orioles, play their games, and I'm sure the Washington Nationals fans will feel the same way. "

- Hagerstown

"I am glad to see Del. LeRoy Myers' letter to the editor in the newspaper, March 6. He is correct. He has helped me solve two issues that no one else would help with. I am not a resident of District 1C, but he still helped."

- Hagerstown

"This is about the BOE and the teacher contract discussions. Either the newspaper doesn't know that the board is stalling, or the newspaper is deliberately only showing one side of the picture. In either case, the newspaper is failing to do its business. It doesn't know, or isn't telling. Blame on you, shame on you."

- Smithsburg

"I would like to thank my snow angels, who are always there when I need them: our granddaughter Kimberly, her husband, Ed, and their friend that shoveled out my driveway two times. God bless you all."

- Sharpsburg Pike

"There was a town house located in the Hagerstown area for $975 a month, plus you had to pay $975 security. I don't know who on Social Security and a small retirement coming in could afford that, plus your telephone, your cable and all that that you have to have hooked up, and then move. You're talking $4,000 before you even get in the front door. Something's got to be done for the senior citizens of this town, to have nice living places."

"I attended the negotiating meeting at Hicks on Monday, March 5. It's a shame when the board negotiators are not familiar with educational jargon; specifically 'attrition' - and they also don't understand how to calculate a simple percentage. And you wonder why the WCTA negotiators are so frustrated. This is a frustrated Washington County teacher calling."

- Hagerstown

"I'd like to thank the few commissioners that voted for Greg Murray to be our new county administrator, and thank them for going against the grain and not going with the good-old-boy system that this county's been used to for 50 years. It's nice to have something refreshing done. There's a couple of good commissioners in there. Greg Murray will make a fine administrator."

"I'm not condoning nor condemning the situation at Walter Reed hospital, but this I do know: Had the government spent millions of dollars to recondition that building after they had declared a surplus, there would have been just as many people hollering their heads off."

- Hagerstown

"Has anyone ever noticed how much Del. Chris Shank resembles the Washington Redskins owner, Dan Snyder? Sounds like him, too, I think."

- Halfway

"On page A3 of The Morning Herald on Wednesday, March 7, about 'living in city has its perks,' out of the list of perks, such as the water rates, the sewer rates, the police services, fire services response time and the curbside pickup, all those benefits - but they forgot to mention the benefits of 50 percent higher taxes - double what it is in the county."

- Hagerstown

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