County NAACP could ask for Bond's resignation

March 10, 2007|by TARA REILLY

WASHINGTON COUNTY - The Washington County NAACP is exploring whether to call for the resignation of national board Chairman Julian Bond.

Local NAACP members discussed the resignation request by member Jonathan R. Burrs on Thursday, drawing resistance from Samuel Key, the chapter's president.

Should the call for Bond's resignation be approved, Burrs said the chapter would petition the NAACP's executive board to take action and encourage other local chapters around the country to do the same.

Both Burrs and Key said Friday it's possible the chapter will vote on the matter before its next regular meeting in April.


Burrs wrote in a March 8 letter to the NAACP national office in Baltimore that Bond consistently makes offensive remarks, particularly targeting political conservatives.

"Confounding racial tensions is the ongoing campaign by NAACP Chairman Julian Bond to discredit, disrespect, and insult any American, without respect to race, that does not think or believe the same as he does which brings me to the basis of this correspondence," Burrs wrote.

Burrs then provided a number of examples in which he says Bond publicly has "lambasted black conservative leaders."

Key said by phone Friday he does not support Burrs' request, and criticized the manner in which Burrs brought the issue to a discussion.

Key said he received Burrs' letter during Thursday's meeting, which didn't provide enough time or information for the chapter to have a thorough discussion. Some members also received the letter before he did, Key said.

"He put it out there to other people, but he did not put it out to me," Key said.

Burrs said Key did receive the letter in advance, but that it was addressed differently on his copy. Burrs said he changed to whom the letter was addressed after national President Bruce Gordon resigned.

Burrs said Key tried to stop the discussion at the meeting. Key said he didn't think the discussion was handled properly.

Burrs thinks his request has the support of local members to pass. Key said Burrs was expressing his own opinion, and was not speaking on behalf of the chapter.

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