MCEA discusses House bills

March 07, 2007

FUNKSTOWN - The Maryland Classified Employees Association Public Safety Non-Custody Employees Chapter met at the American Legion in Funkstown on Friday.

Chapter Vice President Ward Clem reported on the meeting between himself, Chapter President Larry D. Kump, Past Chapter Vice President Tom Nittinger and Public Safety and Correctional Services Secretary Gary Maynard.

Gilleo reported that the mandatory union fee legislation (HB129) has been heard by the House of Delegates Appropriations Committee but that no information was available yet on the status of a vote. Its companion bill, SB111, has not yet been heard by the Senate Finance Committee.

HB 402 (about case managers' pensions) was heard by the House of Delegates Appropriations Committee, but no vote has been taken on that legislation. Gratitude was expressed to all the prison case managers who attended and participated in the committee hearing, especially during a bad ice and snowstorm.


Special mention also was made of the large number of case managers from Eastern Correctional Institution who participated, as well as Steve Roach and Jeff Nines from Western Correctional Institution, who traveled to Annapolis.

HB 766 ("whistle-blower" protection for state employees) will be heard by the House of Delegates Appropriation Committee at 1 p.m, Monday, March 19. Those state employees who are willing to testify, provide written testimony or anonymous written testimony were urged to contact Kump immediately.

The chapter voted to support and work with the prison psychology staff to address concerns about "outsourcing" their jobs.

In response to concerns from case managers at Roxbury Correctional Institution about requirements to research the criminal histories of inmate visitors, Kump reported that he has requested that the MCEA Western Maryland area governor petition the MCEA Board of Directors to authorize MCEA legal counsel to research the legal, liability and privacy ramifications.

The next chapter meeting will be Friday, April 27, at 11:15 a.m. at the American Legion in Funkstown.

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