Franklin County candidates file for primary

March 07, 2007

The following filed papers to run for office in Franklin County by Tuesday's 4:30 p.m. deadline:

Antrim Township Auditor

J. Brian Kirkpatrick, R, incumbent, 4011 Harmony Road, Greencastle

Justin Lahaza, D, 762 Redwood Drive, State Line

Antrim Township Supervisor

Kim Y. Robinson, R, 1909 Farmall Drive, Greencastle

Dwight Thrush, R, 6451 Molly Pitcher Highway, Chambersburg

Jeff Todd, R, 13545 Worleytown Road, Greencastle

Richard L. Baer, R, 14175 Rocking M Lane, Greencastle

Larry L. Eberly, R, 11537 Grant Shook Road, Greencastle


Larson Wenger, R, 9344 Hades Church Road, Greencastle

John Alleman, D, P.O. Box 244, State Line

Chambersburg School Board

Lori Leedy, R-D, incumbent, 1069 Fiddlers Road, Chambersburg

William G. Tolleson, R-D, incumbent, 43 Jackson Drive, Chambersburg

David Sciamanna, R-D, incumbent, 575 Montgomery Ave., Chambersburg

Stanley J. Helman, R-D, incumbent, 2468 Guilford Station Road, Chambersburg

Renee B. Sharpe, R-D, incumbent, 630 Philadelphia Ave., Chambersburg

Anne G. Boryan, R-D, 420 E. Liberty St., Chambersburg

Michael D. Cerveris, R-D, 5118 Burkholder Road, Chambersburg

Joseph G. Tosten Jr., R-D, 1620 Philadelphia Ave., Chambersburg

Chambersburg Borough Council

Sharon Bigler, D, incumbent, Ward No. 4, 359 High St., Chambersburg

William F. McLaughlin, R, incumbent, Ward No. 1, 1306 Edgar Ave., Chambersburg

Robert Wareham, R, incumbent, Ward No. 5, 953 E. McKinley St., Chambersburg

Elaine Swartz, R, incumbent, Ward No. 3, 326 Cosell Drive, Chambersburg

Kenneth L. Gill, R, Ward No. 5, 631 Wallace Ave., Chambersburg

Thomas L. Newcomer, R, Ward No. 2, 129 Highfield Lane, Chambersburg

Allen S. Frantz, R, Ward No. 2, 979 E. King St., Chambersburg

Charles Kopack, D, Ward No. 4, 261 Grandview Ave., Chambersburg

Clerk of Courts

William E. Vandrew, R, 275 Colorado St., Marion


Robert L. Thomas, R, incumbent, 171 Lincoln Road, Chambersburg

Douglas Tengler, R, 20 E. Second St., Waynesboro

Samuel F. Cressler, R, P.O. Box 249, Shippensburg

Carl W. Helman, R, 1308 Springview Drive, Chambersburg

David S. Keller, R, 169 Theodore Drive, Chambersburg

Carl Barton, R, 1505 Springview Circle, Chambersburg

Ben Statler, R, 546 Philadelphia Ave., Chambersburg

Bob Ziobrowski, D, 1707 Alexander Ave., Chambersburg

Don Richards, D, 12301 Nancy Ave., Greencastle

Clint Barkdoll, D, 11963 N. Woodlea Drive, Waynesboro

Cheryl Stearn, D, 3870 Ricklyn Drive, Chambersburg

James C. Zeger, D, 40 Church St., Mercersburg


Jeffrey R. Conner, R, 1497 Loudon Road, Chambersburg

County Controller

Larry E. Funk, R, 6021 Hager Road, Greencastle

Carol Fix Diller, R, incumbent, 3458 Edenville Road, Chambersburg

District Attorney

John F. Nelson, R, incumbent, 1956 Bell Ave., Chambersburg

Fannett-Metal School Board

Roger Gary Dinsmore, R-D, incumbent, 9605 Sweet Water Road, Fort Loudon

Dale L. Hall, R-D, incumbent, P.O. Box 146, Fannettsburg

Michael F. McCartney, R-D, incumbent, 17800 Dry Run Road, Dry Run

Shelly L. Boggs, R-D, incumbent, 16626 Dry Run Road, Dry Run

Derek J. Stoy, R, incumbent, 5394 Forest Lane, Fort Loudon

Eric Kreigline, R-D, P.O. Box 56, Dry Run

Fannett Township Supervisor

George Rotz, R, incumbent, 20602 Path Valley Road, Dry Run

Greencastle-Antrim School Board

Howard Ritchey, R, incumbent, 3375 Westview Circle, Greencastle

Paul Politis, D, 56 Homestead Drive, Greencastle

Arnie Jansen, R-D, incumbent, 67 Hearthside Lane, Greencastle

Eric Holtzman, R-D, 59 Hearthside Lane, Greencastle

Greencastle Borough Council

H. Duane Kinzer, R, 463 E. Baltimore St., Greencastle

Chris Grimm, R, 186 Orchard Circle, Greencastle

Nancy Dunn, R, 339 Moss Spring Ave., Greencastle

Greene Township Auditor

Harold F. Gsell, R, incumbent, 2350 Scotland Road, Chambersburg

Greene Township Supervisor

Charles D. Jamison, R, incumbent, 8190 Michaux Drive, Fayetteville

Keith W. Weller, R, 876 Siloam Road, Chambersburg

Guilford Township Supervisor

Frank Hobbs, R, incumbent 5273 Main St., Marion

Hamilton Township Auditor

Harry W. Cooper, D, 149 Topaz Drive, Chambersburg

Hamilton Township Supervisor

Randall E. Negley, R, incumbent, 1884 Crottlestown Road, Chambersburg

Barry Sheeder, R, 505 Nottingham Drive, Chambersburg

Letterkenny Township Supervisor

Lance G. Norton, R, 9792 Upper Strasburg Road, Upper Strasburg

Larry Horn, R, 10352 Mountain Road, Chambersburg

Magisterial District Judge

Todd R. Williams Jr., R-D, incumbent, 9735 Awin Drive, Shippensburg

Mercersburg Borough Council

Joshua C. Meyers, D, incumbent, 19 W. Seminary St., Mercersburg

Betty O. Stenger, D, 18 Linden Ave., Mercersburg

Metal Township Auditor

Jacqueline L. Hill, R, P.O. Box 125, Willow Hill

Linda K. Diem, R, 14443 Mountain Green Road, Willow Hill

Linda L. Junkins, D, 3480 Path Valley Road, Fort Loudon

Metal Township Supervisor

Anna H. Swailes, R, P.O. Box 175, Willow Hill

Mont Alto Borough Council

Beverly A. Spicer, D, 115 Ash St., Mont Alto

Mont Alto Tax Collector

Ronald G. Strite, R, 317 Park St., Mont Alto

Montgomery Township Auditor

Patty A. Todd, D, 10857 Burkett Road, Greencastle

Montgomery Township Supervisor

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