Rebecca Snyder pushes herself hard at MVA or when working with her church

March 06, 2007|by JANET HEIM

Editor's note - There are a lot of people you see around town that you recognize, but don't know anything about. People like...

Rebecca Snyder

Age - 54.

Occupation - Hagerstown. Branch Office Manager for Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

Hometown - Cumberland, Md.

Where would you see Snyder? - Count on Rebecca Snyder to be at the Motor Vehicle Administration office in Hagerstown, off Sharpsburg Pike. She said she loves going to work every day, where she gets to help people solve problems.

Snyder, a 27-year MVA employee, has managed the Hagerstown MVA branch office since 1996. She started as a temporary MVA employee in Cumberland, hired to help with "tag rush" - the period between March and May when all vehicle registrations used to come up for renewal.


Over the years, Snyder has held various jobs and worked in different offices, including Frederick, Md., and Gaithersburg, Md. After moving to Hagerstown with her husband, George Snyder, in 1989, Snyder was grateful to land the Hagerstown job, ending her commute to Gaithersburg.

In 1998, she said Sen. Don Munson recognized her with a Senate resolution for the customer service she provides at the MVA.

Snyder, whose maiden name is Nixon, graduated from Fort Hill High School in 1971. She earned an associate's degree in accounting and business administration from a business college, but quickly realized that interacting with people was more important to her than crunching numbers.

In 1998, Snyder earned a bachelor's degree in crisis management.

While she loves her job, Snyder's passion is being involved in her church, New Beginnings Christian Fellowship. The church was started by her husband, who is a pastor, four years ago.

They meet at Potomac Heights Elementary School, not far from the couple's home in Potomac Manor.

Rebecca Snyder leads a women's ministry group, is Sunday School director and even though she said she's not a singer, she's rehearsing with the choir for an upcoming cantata. She attends and leads Bible studies, is involved with the church's nursing home ministry and PowerPoint team, among other things.

"Every step I've had, I know the Lord was opening doors," Snyder said.

Family is important to Snyder and she delights in her adult daughter and son being active in their church, as well as her two grandchildren.

Hobbies - "I like to read for fun," Snyder said.

She also enjoys being a Longaberger basket consultant, although she doesn't have much time for it.

When the Snyders have a free Saturday, they like to go antiquing. They're always on the lookout for Depression glass, which they collect.

"Our grandkids spend a lot of time with us. That's a hobby to me. I enjoy being with them. They grow so fast and then they're gone," said Snyder of her 10-year-old granddaughter and 7-year-old grandson.

With her busy schedule, Snyder said taking a nap on the weekend is a luxury she tries to allow herself when time permits.

What does Snyder like best about Washington County? - "Oh my goodness, there are so many things. I love our city park," Snyder said.

After sharing the news the couple was moving to Hagerstown, Snyder remembers someone telling her that people in Washington County stick to themselves. Snyder is happy to say they haven't had that experience at all.

"The people from our church are like extended family to me," she said.

Snyder said there are so many things to do here - from the battlefield, to the "wonderful restaurants," the shopping and The Maryland Theatre - yet Baltimore and Washington, D.C. are close.

"We're really fortunate to have what we have here. I love it here," said Snyder, who also appreciates the open farmland in the county.

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