More Than The Score

March 06, 2007

Ryland Newman

What do you like best about your sport? "I like to get other players involved in what I do. I like matching up against other teams and other players."

Toughest individual opponent you have faced? "Either Michael Lopez or Q'Monte Matheny."

Toughest team you have faced? "Hedgesville, by far... because they are patient in how they run their offense and they are a well-disciplined team."

Other sports? Football, Baseball, Track

Other activities in school are you involved in? Varsity Club

Pregame rituals? "Listening to music."

Besides your parents, the most influential person in your life? "My girlfriend."

Person you'd most like to meet (alive or dead)? Michael Jordan

Favorite professional team? Sacramento Kings


Favorite athlete? Michael Jordan and Mike Bibby

Favorite movie? "Love & Basketball"

Celebrity crush? Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles

Dream car? Porsche

What I actually drive: Hyundai

Favorite school subject? Math

Least favorite school subject? English

Best place to hang out? "Either at my friend's house or at my girl's house."

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