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March 05, 2007

This week's question: To shore up a pending budget deficit, Senate President Mike Miller is promoting legalized gambling and a 4 percent excise tax on motor fuel. What do you think of these ideas?

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Last week's question: Del. LeRoy Myers has introduced a bill outlawing bull genitalia, female breasts and other distasteful automotive novelties. What do you think?

Your responses:

Why was there such quick action taken after only one person said something about it? How do you plan to enforce this law? Are we going to waste taxpayer money on this too? Del. Myers, there are more important matters facing Western Maryland that need your full attention. If this is the best bill you could introduce, you need to resign and let someone else lead. Get a life and quit wasting taxpayers' money.

I think it is a losing battle and will not be passed. A waste of time, resources and money when there are more important areas of focus.


I'm surprised he doesn't have something more important to work on like school funding or road funding.

I guess we will remember Del. Myers as the "no bull" delegate.

I agree with this 100 percent. Morality has gone out the door. We need someone to support us.

I think it's hypocritical considering he has a bull statue with large testicles on his front lawn, and my children see it every day on their way to school.

I guess Del. Myers didn't get the message this past November. Let me refresh your memory: High taxes, gas prices, health care, Iraq. Do any of these come to mind? I'm going to e-Bay now and get a set for the wife's truck! What a waste of taxpayers' money!

I like them myself. It's good for defensive driving and helps you profile the rational thinking of the driver. Sort of like when you see a Bush-Cheney '04 sticker on a foreign built SUV.

While I personally don't understand the appeal of these particular items, what's to stop future bills that forbid bumper stickers or decals that promote bands or organizations that whoever's lobbying for the bill doesn't agree with? Free speech is protected, as long as it's not considered "hate speech" - as in used to incite violence. This is what happens when politicians find a reason to start using our Constitution for toilet paper. Our freedoms are cut because of some illusion that doing so makes us safer. Now, they're saying this will make us more moral. Come on! Find something important to do and leave morality to the shepherds of it - the clergy!

If he is so worried about what parents should tell their children, why not just tell them the truth - that some people think it's funny to hang plastic bull testicles from their trailer hitch - and then insert your own values on the subject. That way they learn from you, the parent. This proposed law would make it a crime to display anatomically correct parts? I guess the anatomically incorrect ones are OK. Gimme a break!

I wonder what changed LeRoy's mind? I remember driving by that bull in his front yard and noticed it had it's genitalia painted blue. Maybe he forgot. I didn't. LeRoy, do something worthwhile.

I get extremely tired of seeing things in public places that would have been considered offensive when I was little - not just car "decorations", but also bumper stickers and T-shirts containing cuss words. It's absolutely ridiculous that sensible people have to put up with trash all around them.

What a bunch of "bull."

Myers needs to work on something more constructive. Perhaps he could push a bill making it illegal to smoke in a public building. Then maybe I could enjoy going out to eat without choking on deadly second-hand smoke. He appears to be a hypocrite to work on this while his father has a bull statue in his front yard sporting a big pair. Hey LeRoy, work on some real issues.

LeRoy, quit wasting taxpayers' money!

Leroy claims the bull in his father's front yard is "different." Yeah, the difference is that you can tell what his bull is sporting. I had to look closely the first time I saw the fake ones and still could only guess what they were. Mr. Myers should spend our money more wisely and work on real issues. The deputy who complained should pay more attention to his job. The last I heard we still have murders, drug abuse, drunk driving etc.. Two public employees not doing their jobs!

LeRoy must have purchased stock in the fake-bull-bag company and then dreamed up this bill to bring attention to his new product. This is the only good explanation for him to waste time on something that should be very low on his list of important things to do.

Let's be optimistic about this. Del. Myers is our delegation chair. Maybe the rest of the legislature will look at our area with pity and we'll get the school funding we need by default now.

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