Residents object to proposed radio tower

March 03, 2007|by KATE S. ALEXANDER

GREENCASTLE, PA. - A church seeking to erect two AM radio towers along Clayhill Road and Angle Road in Antrim Township met with strong opposition Tuesday from adjacent property owners who claimed the towers were a threat to health and welfare.

Dozens of residents attended the Antrim Township public hearing and objected because of potential dangers to "health, safety, aesthetics and economics."

"I have a petition signed by 70 people adjacent to the lot who strongly object to the tower," said Cindy Custer of Angle Road.

David Robinson of Arcom Communications testified on behalf of Emmanuel Baptist Temple in Hagerstown and its desire to build the towers, saying AM radio towers posed no considerable risk to health and safety.


"The amount of radio frequency (RF) people will be exposed to is no more than what you get wearing a Bluetooth in your ear," he said.

Many citizens spoke of studies published on the Internet claiming RF to lead to cancer and leukemia in children.

"As for the tower being like a Bluetooth, who wears their Bluetooth 24 hours-a-day?" Robert Smith of Angle Road asked. "RF will be there constantly."

"I say if we err, we err on the side of safety," Custer said. "I don't want our kids around that kind of a hazard."

The board voted to investigate the health and safety issues and set a second hearing date for March 27.

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