Residents say storm was not so bad

February 26, 2007|by ERIN CUNNINGHAM

WASHINGTON COUNTY - Keith and Kim Long started shoveling Sunday afternoon just after the heavy snow stopped falling.

With more than 3 inches of accumulation it was the largest snowfall of the season, according to, a Web site maintained by local weather observer Greg Keefer.

The Longs didn't mind, they said.

The snow was light and not coated in a thick layer of ice like it was after a storm nearly two weeks ago that resulted in about 3 inches of ice and snow. During that storm, they had someone come to their Maugansville home to help them clear the wintry mix, they said..

They weren't taking chances with Sunday's snow.

"We thought we'd shovel before the freezing rain or sleet starts," Kim Long said. "It's just easier to shovel if there's no ice."


Many other area residents had the same idea.

Francis Gift of Hagerstown and his wife were busy Sunday afternoon clearing their walkway and the sidewalk in front of their Prospect Street home. He said they waited for most of the heavy snow to stop before starting.

"It's what you expect this time of year," he said.

John Garrott said he and his wife would shovel snow from two homes and a business Sunday. They finished work at their home before driving to his dental practice on Linwood Road in Hagerstown.

His 85-year-old mother lives next door to his practice, and the pair were heading to her home to shovel.

"We have no choice," Garrott said. "So far it's easier (than the last storm). It's not saturated with rain yet and the wind chill isn't as low."

Heather Brunner of Hagerstown cleared the walkway to her Sherman Avenue home and was working on her car by Sunday afternoon so she could drive to pick up her son.

She said it had taken her only about a half-hour to complete the work because the snow was so light.

Richard Davis of Hagerstown went to his friend's downtown home for breakfast just as the first flakes began to fall. When he left that afternoon, his car was covered in a layer of snow.

Using a broom to brush the light snow from his car, Davis wasn't phased by the chore.

"It's nature's wonderland," he said waving to the snow-covered homes. "It's beautiful."

During the snowstorm about two weeks ago, Davis said he was not as cheerful. He said the heavy ice was "terrible."

Light snow showers were expected tonight, and a more severe storm was predicted for Thursday, weather officials said.

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