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February 23, 2007
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Rather than ask me where the admonition to violence is in the Koran, it might be more instructive to ask the Jihadist where they get it! If not from the Koran and its foundational documents, where does this Jihadist ideology come from? And, if not from the teachings of Mohammed, are those sects mentioned above and those Muslim acts cited below distortions of the religion of peace?

Do Muslims today want to convert the world to Islam through warlike means similar to those used by Mohammed and his 7th Century followers? If not, then good Muslims, and I am sure SV Yumlu is one, should now join together in a worldwide condemnation (with words and actions) of those who have deviated from the true faith with their demands that the world convert to Islam.

When Fox reporters Steve Centanni and Olaf Wigg were kidnapped in Lebanon last fall, their Muslim captors released them only after they converted to Islam. Where did those kidnappers get this notion? Did they just fabricate this idea on the spot?


Last fall, when Adam Gadahn, the American convert to Islam sent a message to Pres. Bush and others to convert or die, was he speaking for Islam? Where did he get the notion that it was either convert or die?

When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asked the American people just a few months ago to convert to Islam or suffer the consequences, where on earth did he get this notion? Is there no basis in Islam (the Koran and teachings of Mohammed) for this request to convert to avoid being attacked?

When just a few weeks ago Jihadists in Thailand beheaded Buddhist farmers and teachers (no Christians or Jews involved here), where did this come from? What beef could the Jihadists have with Buddhists?

On 9/11, when the Muslim terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center with chants of Allah u Akhbar, were they perverting the religion of peace?

Americans understand that actions speak louder than words.

In the weeks and months following 9/11, I was convinced that there had been a terrible perversion of Islam. I expected good Muslims worldwide to rally and rise up against this radical ideology, to admit the flaws in this violent Jihadist strain of Islam.

With each passing year and no uprising of good and moderate Muslims, I and others fear that this will not happen. Will history condemn the good Muslims' silence? How many times have you heard, if only more good Germans had spoken out in the 1930's could the horrific carnage of World War II been averted?

There is, however, a little ray of hope. Canadian author and Islam reformist Irshad Manji just announced that a Muslim anti-Jihad conference will take place in Florida in March. She is seeking to encourage brave Muslims to stand up to the Jihadists in hopes of recovering what she considers the true Islam---a religion of peace. SV Yumlu must see that her mission is for "the sake of our future life." I, for one, will be cheering for her!

Just one last thought. By dragging in the Pope's words and bashing Catholicism, SV Yumlu and Rick Rotten (in the companion letter to SV Yumlu on January 16, 2007) are attempting to silence criticism by using the moral equivalence argument. The Pope can say what he wants, just as I can, and just as Rick Rotten and SV Yumlu can. Those deviants from the true faith of Islam who reacted violently around the world, even killing a nun, in reaction to the Pope's words destroy any moral equivalence argument one might make. Actions speak louder than words.

Thank God for free speech in a free and civilized society.

Ann Corcoran

Study the Bible for yourself

To the editor:

Debates on religion are as old as the human race. We will never see the end of these arguments. In my personal search that began nearly 20 years ago, I approached religion as a very stubborn skeptic. After much searching and analyzing, I walked away from my intense research as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Knowing that I risk being labeled as "biased towards Jesus", I dare anyone to pick up a Holy Bible and begin reading in Matthew. Before making your final conclusions about Christianity, at least give the New Testament a good reading,( I believe in the Old Testament too).

Go ahead, study it for yourself. Stop letting others do your thinking for you. If you're as open minded as you claim, prove it by giving the New Testament one good and honest read. When letters are written that attack this one, remember, do your own thinking and analyzing. If you don't have a Bible, contact me, I'll send you one for free.

John R. Miller, Jr.

A theory in crisis

To the editor:

Belief, faith, atheism, Christianity, I often wonder if the people who so emphatically express their personal beliefs actually understand the points they choose to argue both for and against evolution v. creationism, Atheism v. Christianity. Over the past several months there has been significant debate if you will, surrounding the theories of evolution versus the belief in creation.

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