Lost class ring found

February 22, 2007|by MARLO BARNHART

SHARPSBURG - When Eleanor "Ellie" Ewan Bussard lost her 1952 Chambersburg High School class ring while swimming in a popular Pennsylvania lake, she figured she'd never see it again.

But fate stepped in earlier this month and the ring she lost more than 50 years ago is back on her finger.

"I got a call from a Chambersburg man named Mike Preisler earlier this month," she said. "Mike asked me if I had lost a class ring."

Preisler told Ellie that when he was a boy of about 8 years old, he was swimming in the lake at Cowan's Gap near Fort Loudon, Pa., and found a ring on the sandy bottom.


"I showed it to my father," Preisler said, adding that efforts were made to find the owner, and when they were unsuccessful, the ring was tucked away.

After his mother passed away about a year ago, Preisler and his sisters began going through her things. The ring turned up and Preisler said his sisters asked him if he knew anything about it.

Although he hadn't thought about it for many years, seeing the ring triggered the memory of his boyhood find in the lake.

The ring bore the initials EGE and the year and the words, Chambersburg High School. With that information, Preisler went to the school district and was able to determine the initials were Ellie Ewan's.

Not knowing her married name or current residence, Preisler said he checked with a Ewan family in Chambersburg who directed him to Ellie in Sharpsburg.

"After Mike called, he said he would send the ring to me," Ellie said. It arrived in early February.

Ellie, who is now 72, said she was thrilled to have her original class ring back.

"My parents got me another one at a jewelry store after I lost the first one but it didn't have Chambersburg High on it like the original one," she said.

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