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A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

A wry look at the 'best' of Mail Call/You Said It

February 22, 2007|by KELLY MORENO

"People in France are crying in their bagels."

I guess they ran out of croissants?

"Without no forgiveness, nobody will be forgiven."

Forgive me for being confused on this one.

"Bush will go down as the worst president before George Washington."

Our time machine really needs a tune-up.

"I bought a newspaper in lieu of something to read."

Since "in lieu of" means "instead of," that doesn't say much for our newspaper, does it?

"He who has not sinned should pass the first stone."

That sounds painful.


"The driver, which her name is listed in the newspaper, which I will not repeat - she knows who she is."

Well, sure, now that she read it in the newspaper.

"Our government can send a man to the moon, plus other trivial matters."

Yeah, space travel is so last week. I'd much rather know whether Paris and Nicole are friends again or not.

"It's like putting the chicken in the henhouse."

Next thing you know, we'll be putting horses in stables.

"They set idly by and just watched the calendar: Tick, tick, tick, tick."

If the electricity goes off, do you have to reset this calendar?

"The root of all evil is jealousy."

So money is the Green-Eyed Monster?

"Our federal government is selling Americans down the drain."

What, no one down the river wanted us?

Here are a few more quotes from recent graduates of the Redundancy School of Repetitiveness:

"Obsolete dinosaurs."

"True facts."

Kelly Moreno is a Herald-Mail editorial assistant.

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