Blast from the Past

February 21, 2007

Week of Feb. 18, 1957

Girl Scouts in Washington County will start ringing doorbells on Saturday, Feb. 23 at the start of the annual cookie sale. For the first time this year, area girls will be selling cookies wrapped in foil for good keeping and freezing. They will sell three types: Creme-filled chocolate and vanilla sandwich, chocolate-covered mint, and lemon thins.

The advisory board of the Hagerstown branch, Automobile Club of Maryland, honored dealers who have helped to make possible the driver training program in high schools. The supervisor of pupil personnel pointed out that since driver education was introduced in this county in 1948, it has been made available at all senior high schools, making this county one of the state's leaders in this respect.

The construction of a second shopping center on Northern Avenue became a likelihood yesterday. It was disclosed that J. Henry Reisner and Harvey H. Heyser secured a building permit for a "suburban department store and service shops" under the name of "Maemart Corporation". Mr. Reisner said "Now that Longmeadow is definitely going to build, and (H.L.) Mills has decided not to, we feel that we can go ahead." Plans of the Mills organization to build a shopping center near its supermarket were blocked by Hagerstown zoning regulations. The "Maemart" is outside city limits and thus would not be subject to zoning laws.


Week of Feb. 18, 1982

The adverse weather conditions have really not bothered one group of county residents. In fact, the 53 Old Forge fourth-graders who have been at the Outdoor School since Wednesday have been having a "ball". Principal Paul Guptill said "Thursday, we built a bunch of great snow sculptures, but the latest storm covered them all over." He added that no problems for students and eight staff members were caused by the snow. "In fact, we all had a great time," Guptill concluded.

School board member Peter Callas this week said he's officially filed for the District 2-B state delegate race, and has named a campaign committee. Callas said this group will be supplemented by a "planning committee" of about 50 members, which will include local people in various professions. On March 24, Callas said he'll present a list of nine priority items to the planning group.

Members of the senior high youth group of the First Presbyterian Church in Hagerstown got a letter in the mail recently, marked with the presidential seal and personally signed by Ronald Reagan, in response to a letter the church group sent him outlining their concern for world peace. "Dear friends," the letter from the president begins, "I believe that peace is more than simply the absence of war. True peace can be realized only when we have done all that we can to build a world in which all people might share a sense of belonging, of participation, and of hope - a world in which we might live together, work together, and dream together. Certainly, this is the highest aspiration of the American people and of men of goodwill everywhere."

- Compiled by Kelly Moreno

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