More Than The Score

February 15, 2007

Dustin Hull

What do you like best about your sport? "Pretty much everything about it. It just appeals to me."

Your greatest accomplishment in your sport? "I've started every game since I've been a freshman."

Toughest individual opponent you have faced? "My teammates when we scrimmage in practice because they push me the hardest."

Toughest team you have faced? Bowling Brook

Other sports? Outdoor Track

Other activities in school are you involved in? Student Council, FBA

Pregame rituals? "Just listening to my favorite song."

Person you'd most like to meet (alive or dead)? "Michael Jordan, just because he's an inspiration about how he's lived through his life and everything."


Favorite professional team? Miami Heat

Favorite athlete? LeBron James

Favorite book? Sports Illustrated

Favorite movie? "Dumb and Dumber"

Favorite song? Linkin Park and Jay-Z "Numb"

Sitcoms, dramas or reality shows? "Family Guy"

Dream car? Shelby Mustang GT 500

What I actually drive: 2001 Ford Focus

Favorite school subject? Math

Least favorite school subject? English

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