Williamsport briefs

February 14, 2007|by KAREN HANNA

O'Malley's budget benefits town

WILLIAMSPORT - Applause from a crowded audience followed Williamsport Mayor James McCleaf II's announcement of two line items in Gov. Martin O'Malley's budget.

McCleaf said the proposed budget includes $88,000 for improvements to Byron Memorial Park and $400,000 for wastewater-treatment improvements.

"The taxpayers of this town should be excited about that. I mean that just saves them a whole bunch of money in their sewer rates - I mean, a whole bunch," McCleaf said after the meeting Monday.

Parking restrictions to ease congestion

WILLIAMSPORT - An area of West Sunset Avenue will be marked for residents' parking only to alleviate congestion during Little League season, Williamsport Town Council unanimously decided at Monday's meeting.

The area near Billy Doub Field will be marked with the signs, Mayor James McCleaf II said.

Town eyes wireless deal with county

WILLIAMSPORT - The town of Williamsport would get $3,000 from Washington County - and wireless capability - according to a deal approved by Town Council Monday.


Town Clerk James R. Castle said Williamsport will allow the county to install emergency communications equipment on the town's water tower. Castle said Tuesday that the town had not yet completed a formal agreement with the county.

Plastic payments soon to be accepted

WILLIAMSPORT - Plastic soon will be an acceptable form of payment for services in the town of Williamsport.

Town Council unanimously approved accepting credit cards during Monday's meeting. Town Clerk James R. Castle said Tuesday that once the system begins, residents will be able to pay for all services, including water, sewer and electric, with credit cards.

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