Pumpkin Farm owner 'just looking at options'

February 14, 2007|by KATE S. ALEXANDER

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - William Reynolds said Tuesday he will continue growing pumpkins and hosting a pumpkin festival at his farm for at least five more years.

"We are not looking to do anything at present," he said. "We are just looking at our options."

Reynolds, who along with his wife, Lois, owns Reynolds Farm on Gehr Road in Waynesboro, said the sketch plan presented to the Washington Township Planning Commission Monday for developing his farm into 15 lots is just one of many possibilities for the land.

"We have looked into preservation, selling it as a farm and developing it," he said. "But we don't plan to do anything for at least five years."

Reynolds Farm is known in the area for its annual pumpkin festival and mums. Every September and October, Reynolds said thousands of people come to the farm to play at the attractions, and to buy pumpkins and mums.


"We farm about 22 acres for pumpkins and grow about 10,000 mums," he said. "It's a nice alternative to corn and beans."

Reynolds said he began looking into options for his farm because he and his wife plan to retire in the coming years. With no family to take over the farm, he said he decided to look into the future of his farm now.

"We want to keep this going as long as we can, but it seems the longer we wait to get preliminary plans approved, the more restrictions there are," he said.

Reynolds worked with R. Lee Royer to draw up a development plan for the farm, but insisted the plan does not indicate an intent to develop the land.

"I have mixed feelings on it," he said. "The land has always been a farm."

The sketch plan shows Reynolds' 100-acre farm divided into 15 lots, each about 6 acres. Reynolds said the plan includes a larger lot for him and his wife to remain on the land in the existing farmhouse.

"We would still live here and I wouldn't want to be crowded in by my neighbors," he said.

For now, Reynolds said he and his wife plan to continue farming the land as they have done for the last 10 years.

"We enjoy the pumpkin festival and love having people here each fall," he said.

Reynolds said he will submit a preliminary development plan for approval by the Washington Township Board of Supervisors in case he chooses to develop the land.

"That is down the road at least five years and we will cross that bridge when we get to it," he said.

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