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Love stinks!

... and other sweet nothings for Valentine's Day

... and other sweet nothings for Valentine's Day

February 13, 2007|by TESSA WALLS

Valentine's Day is a waste of a holiday; it serves no purpose other than to create more chaos in life.

First off, assuming one has "somebody" to spend it with, one is obligated to buy flowers and candy, treating the other with more affection than usual. Not only is this a waste of money but also a waste of time. People spend days if not weeks trying to think of what their boyfriend or girlfriend would enjoy.

Not to mention that the boyfriend or girlfriend might not even like what he or she are given. Talk about chaotic and unnecessary.

Then, there's always a possibility one could luck out and not have to spend a dime. Sure, diamonds and boxes of candies are great, but some decide to focus the entire day around "being with each other." This approach is nice, I admit, but on any other day, the couple might end up fighting about whether to stay in or to go out for dinner and watch a movie at the theaters afterward - another expensive evening for the guys (the ones who usually pay).


And of course, there are many who find themselves single every year when Valentine's Day rolls around. This situation is the most annoying because the unlucky few always complain about "what could have happened" and how lonely they are on this love-based holiday.

So basically, I think Valentine's Day is irritating. No one needs one day of the year to let somebody know just how much he or she loves his or her special someone. Instead of spending one day on showing affection towards somebody else, show affection every day, especially if one wants to keep the relationship going.

This is not difficult and not time-consuming. Take at least a couple minutes out of every conversation to tell that somebody exactly how you feel. Give small gifts. Leave romantic cards. Find new things to do that stretch your relationship. Sometimes, when couples get in arguments, it is easy to forget just how much they both love each other.

So, in conclusion, don't save the romance for just one day of the year. How else would they know? Show your love and affection for one another year round.



Your eyes are as blue as the sea.
Your words like waves tumble free.
But your frothing and wailing,
your storming and gale-ing,
have made a landlubber of me.

I love you baby, it's true,
like a dog loves an old shoe,
But my heart is a hole,
'cuz you got no soul,
and your mind is cracked leather and glue.

My love for you is undying.
It often sets me to crying.
Your zombie face
Entombs me in place
In the crypt where I am lying.

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