Behind the Score

February 13, 2007

Editor's note - Before the first pitch is thrown, whistle blows or tip-off, there are many people in Washington County and the Tri-State area area who have an impact on sporting events.

People like...


Hometown - Hagerstown

Position - "Web Adminstrator for Monocacy Valley Athletic League; freshman football coach and varsity assistant basketball coach at North Hagerstown High School and director of Washington County Roundball Classic and the Mid-Maryland Baseball Classic all-star games."

What is your biggest challenge? - "Cramming all of my responsibilities into one week and communicating with all the coaches at the 22 MVAL schools."

What inspired you to do what you do? - "As far as coaching is concerned, the love of high school athletics. Nothing pleases me more than to have a player, a fellow coach or a parent thanking me for doing what I do. Definitely, the love of high school sports is A number one."


Who do you root for? - "The University of Maryland in college athletics and the Chicago Cubs and Baltimore Ravens in professional sports.

What is your favorite sports movie? - "'Friday Night Lights.' I'm in awe of the passion of high school football in Texas. It's unbelievable. 'Hoosiers would be a close second.'"

If you could talk to any sports figure, past or present, who would it be? - "Vince Lombardi, just because of his knowledge and passion for the game was unparalleled. I would like to pick his brain about the game."

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