Choose-your-game adventure

February 13, 2007|by ZACH TUSSING

Does Fox end up marrying Krystal? Does Krystal end up on Team Starwolf? Does Falco quit the team and start a new team called "StarFalco"?

The answer is: Yes!

The ending of this game, "StarFox Command" for DS, all depends on the path that you choose.

This game has a lot of new features not found in previous "StarFox" games. The first time you play, you will have to take the first path in order to obtain the key that can unlock all the other path options. But after you have the key, you are able to choose the path that you want to take instead of completing the mission they assign you.

Also, when you are playing a level, you will need to defend your mother ship by drawing your ships (using the DS stylus) toward the incoming enemies. Once you collide with an enemy, you will be able to fight that enemy or enemies steering with the stylus and shooting with any button.


Similar to a board game, "StarFox Command" has a limited amount of turns in which you can attack the enemy.

You will be able to battle enemy fighters, missiles and mother ships. A positive benefit of destroying an enemy mother ship is that it grants you two extra turns. There are also 15 bosses to fight in almost in every other level. My favorite boss to defeat is the Death Crab. He looks like a robotic crab with lasers that shoot from his eyes and claws, and he has many body parts that you can blast off him. The Death Crab is fairly easy to tackle.

My least favorite boss is Emperor Angler. He is a giant anglerfish that is extremely dangerous. He can kill you in many different ways. He can shoot lasers from his mouth and from his pods, and periodically he places metal beams that nearly form a wall in front of you. In other words, there are many ways you can die.

There are 14 different characters that you can play as throughout the game. Some of my favorite characters are Wolf, Panther, Leon (a chameleon), Fox and Krystal. They each have their strengths and weaknesses.

I very much agree with the March 2007 issue of Nintendo Power magazine. They put "StarFox Command" for DS on their 2006 Best Game of the Year list. It's definitely on mine!

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