Bills of local interest

February 11, 2007

Editor's note: This is a list of local bills and resolutions introduced in the Maryland General Assembly during the 2007 regular session. For more information, go to

Bills introduced by Washington County lawmakers

Washington County Delegation

HB 352 - Authorizes and empowers the Washington County Commissioners to borrow up to $80 million to finance the cost of construction, improvement or development of specified public facilities in Washington County. Appropriations Committee. Hearing Feb. 13.

HB 356 - Adds Washington County to the list of counties in which the granting of probation before judgment to an alcoholic beverages licensee for selling or furnishing alcoholic beverages to an underage individual does not bar the liquor board from proceeding administratively against the licensee for the violation. Economic Matters Committee. Hearing Feb. 19.

HB 707 Seeks $300,000 for Brook Lane Health Services for constructing and equipping a gymnasium. Appropriations Committee. No hearing scheduled. (Cross-filed by Munson as SB 724. Senate Rules Committee. No hearing scheduled.)


HB 722 - Legalizes the 2007 edition of the Code of Public Local Laws of Washington County, being Article 22 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Maryland, published under the direction of the Washington County Commissioners; makes provisions for the publication, sale and distribution of the code. Environmental Matters Committee. No hearing scheduled.

HB 725 - Permits the Central Collection Unit to assume responsibility for the collection of a delinquent account or debt that is owed to a housing authority in Washington County under specified circumstances. Environmental Matters Committee. No hearing scheduled.

HB 726 - Authorizes the commanding officer to designate to the sheriff of Washington County in writing up to 20 members of a fire or ambulance company to serve as fire police in Washington County; requires the sheriff to appoint fire police from the list. Environmental Matters Committee. No hearing scheduled.

HB 753 - Authorizes the Washington County Commissioners to provide that violations of specified civil offenses may be prosecuted in a specified manner; requires the commissioners to adopt ordinances and provide members of the Washington County delegation with copies of proposed ordinances prior to exercising a specified authority. Environmental Matters Committee. No hearing scheduled.

HB 830 - Establishes a referendum on a Task Force to Study the Electoral Process for Members Serving on the Washington County Board of Education; specifies the membership and duties of the task force, which must issue a report on school board election districts to the Washington County delegation by Dec. 31, 2009. Ways and Means Committee. No hearing scheduled.

Sen. Donald F. Munson, R-Washington

SB 119 - Alters the compensation for investigations performed by specified deputy medical examiners so that fees are established through the state budget. Finance Committee. Hearing held Feb. 8.

SB 120 Alters the qualifications for licensure as a tree expert for a specified applicant; extends the termination date of a provision of law that relates to qualifications for licensure as a tree expert; and provides for the termination of specified provisions of the act. Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee. Hearing Feb. 13.

SB 472 - Requires that a petition for emergency evaluation be confidential, only to be divulged by order of the court for good cause shown. Finance Committee. No hearing scheduled.

SB 473 - Requires an application for a Class A light wine license to contain a statement that the applicant has been a resident of the state for the two years immediately preceding the filing of the application. Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee. No hearing scheduled.

Sen. Alex X. Mooney, R-Frederick/Washington

SB 160 - Expands the scope of the prohibition against harassment, destruction of property and damage to specified buildings to include specified persons who are homeless. Judicial Proceedings Committee. Hearing held Feb. 7.

SB 226 - Provides exceptions to the prohibition against operating or riding on a motorcycle without protective headgear. Judicial Proceedings Committee. Hearing March 8.

SB 295 - Establishes a period of eligibility for a credit against a motor-vehicle excise tax for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles from July 1, 2007 to July 1, 2011. Budget and Taxation Committee. Hearing Feb. 28.

SB 730 - Adds to the list of defenses that the District Court may consider in defense of a violation of a specified offense recorded by a traffic-control signal monitoring system; adds the defense of responding to a health-related emergency to the list. Rules Committee. No hearing scheduled.

Sen. George C. Edwards, R-Garrett/Allegany/Washington

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