Farmer keeps 52 cows, including clone

February 10, 2007|by TARA REILLY

WILLIAMSPORT - A Washington County farmer has kept 52 of the more than 100 cows he cared for on his father's farm near Williamsport until he was evicted.

The cows farmer Greg Wiles kept include a clone and offspring from clones.

Wiles originally had two cloned cows, but one died a day or two after his Jan. 9 eviction, he said Friday.

Genesis, a clone, is among the 52 cows in Wiles' possession, he said. The other clone, Cyagra, died after it fell on concrete shortly after the eviction, he said.

A veterinary school in Virginia is studying Cyagra and any possible effects from cloning, Wiles said.

A judge gave Wiles 30 days to remove the cows from his father's property. If he didn't remove them, the cows would have been considered abandoned. The deadline to remove them was earlier this week.


Wiles' father, Charles, evicted Greg for owing $7,584 in rent, according to a court document.

Greg Wiles said he was able to find two farms for the cows in Washington County a couple of hours before the deadline.

Of the remaining cows, 32 were sold privately and 20, which were older cows, went to auction, he said.

"So, the good news is we were able to secure the most valuable animals ..." Wiles said.

He hopes his family is able to re-establish itself in the farming business and financially, but that could take time.

Of the 52 cows Wiles kept, two are producing milk. He said he will need about 10 producing milk to sell it.

Wiles said caring for the cows will be difficult because he will have to drive to two different farms daily to care for them.

Wiles' wife has taken a part-time job to help the family's finances, he said. It's possible he will have to take on another job as well, he said.

Their last option is getting out of the farming business entirely, he said.

"I hope we don't have to do that," Wiles said.

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