Snow brings day for play

February 08, 2007|by DAN DEARTH

HAGERSTOWN - Children across Hagerstown pelted each other with snowballs and gathered in the public library Wednesday to enjoy their day off after snow led to the cancellation of classes for Washington County Public Schools.

Jerrica Conway, 12, said she slept in and later invited her friends, J.J. Winston, 14, and Diamond Washington, 13, over to talk "for like 100 million hours." At about 3:30 p.m., the trio left her house and went to Washington County Free Library to read magazines, she said.

"We come here all the time," she said. "I hope school is canceled tomorrow, too."

Leighann Hengemihle, 12, spent Wednesday afternoon in the library poring over a computer.

"I'm doing a project for school," she said.

The storm Tuesday night and early Wednesday brought about 1 1/2 inches of snow to the Tri-State area, according to, a Web site maintained by Hagerstown weather observer Greg Keefer. The temperature Wednesday afternoon reached 25 degrees, but the wind chill made it feel more like 14, according to the site.


Joshua Shanholtz of Beechwood Drive in Hagerstown said he stayed home from work to watch his children.

After making a big breakfast, Shanholtz said he took the kids shopping to buy fish for their aquarium.

Once they returned, Shanholtz' daughter, Destiny, 7, said she and the other neighborhood children bundled up and decided to have a snowball fight.

"I hate school because it's boring," she said. "I wish I never have to go again."

Her sister, Paige, 8, disagreed.

"I'm not glad (school is canceled)," she said. "I like school. I like math."

Boyd Michael, assistant superintendent of operations for Washington County Public Schools, said Wednesday that officials had not decided whether classes would be delayed or canceled today.

That decision is made each morning after the weather conditions are reviewed by school officials, he said.

Earlier this week, schools spokeswoman Carol Mowen said the decision to cancel or delay classes is up to Superintendent Elizabeth Morgan.






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