Slipping, sliding, Super

February 06, 2007|by ROBERT KELLER

The end of the football season is here, and the Super Bowl has ended. And the winner was ... the rain.

It rained throughout the entire Super Bowl, making the football and the natural-grass field slippery, and leading to numerous dropped balls and falling players.

The first 20 seconds of the game was the fastest-paced of any Super Bowl I've ever seen (which would be about three). Chicago kick returner Devin Hester caught the opening kickoff and ran 92 yards for a touchdown. And that was just about the high point for the Chicago Bears as far as scoring ... and the offense wasn't even on the field.

Once the Colts had the ball back, they drove down the field for a touchdown. But on the point-after attempt, the ball slipped out of the ball-holder's hands and Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri never got to try a kick. Chicago kept the lead, 7-6.


A few minutes later in the first quarter, Vinatieri missed a field goal attempt from a distance of 36 yards - his first miss in 2006-07 postseason play.

In the first half alone, there were three turnovers committed on each side. That was the point in the game that Chicago quarterback Rex Grossman started acting like Rex Grossman. He began to fumble the snaps, and threw two interceptions. Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, however, only had one interception and earned the title of Super Bowl XLI MVP.

This was a game of many firsts. This was the first Super Bowl played in the rain. Manning won his first Super Bowl title, as well as his first Super Bowl MVP title. The entire Colts team won their first Super Bowl as an Indianapolis team. The other Super Bowl the Colts won was when they were in Baltimore. I have to admit that the Colts played a tough game.

The Bears know what they have to work on for next season. Their first objective should be to get a better quarterback, or at least coach Grossman to be a little more consistent. The second thing they should do is work on their defense and stopping the run. They had a rough time stopping Colts running backs Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes. If the Bears fix those few flaws, I can see another Super Bowl in their future.

I guess that wraps up this season of the NFL. I'll be back to examine what the teams will have in store for us next season.

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