Planning commission briefs

February 06, 2007|by TARA REILLY

Developer's request to cluster houses approved

The Washington County Planning Commission on Monday approved a developer's request to "cluster" a planned residential community near Williamsport.

Clustering allows housing units to be built on reduced lot sizes as long as the number doesn't exceed the density that's allowed under normal circumstances.

The Williamsview development would contain 211 single-family houses on 137.7 acres along the north side of Kendle Drive near Williamsport. The property is known as the Ebersole property.

The Planning Commission still must approve the development's building plan.

Developer proposes units along Cearfoss Pike

A developer is proposing 47 residential lots on 50.84 acres along the north side of Cearfoss Pike.


The property, known as Hoffman Farms, is owned by Don Hoffman. Hoffman also is listed as the developer, according to the Washington County Planning Department.

The Planning Commission discussed the proposed development at a meeting Monday night, but took no action. It was not an agenda item for which action was scheduled.

Developer proposes apartment expansion

An Annapolis developer hopes to expand an apartment complex off Hopewell Road.

The Severn Companies has proposed expanding Hopewell Manor Apartments from eight residential buildings to 16 buildings.

Seven of the proposed buildings would have 16 units, and the eighth building would have eight units, according to information provided by the Washington County Planning Department.

The developer is also proposing a community building with a swimming pool, according to the information.

Some Planning Commission members, however, said at a meeting Monday they didn't like the plan.

"I thought it was a lousy layout," County Commissioner James F. Kercheval said. Kercheval is an ex-officio member of the Planning Commission.

"There's very little I liked about the design," he said. "My advice is throw it away and start over."

The Severn Companies "develop, acquire and manage multifamily and mixed income properties throughout the eastern U.S.," according to its Web site.

The Planning Commission took no action on the proposal. It was not an agenda item for which action was scheduled.

Planning Commission Chairman George Anikis said the consensus among commission members was that they "put a big red 'X'" on the plan.

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