You Said It

February 05, 2007

"Has anyone heard of an association for the drivers of school bus contract buses here in Washington County? It's a great idea. Most of us aren't paid what county drivers are and have no benefits at all. Perhaps it's time some of these big-time contractors share the wealth and bring us up closer to county standards, including step pay increases for longevity."

"I wish those teachers would quit whining about wanting a 12 percent pay increase. For those negotiating, you can give school bus drivers that 3 percent increase you're willing to go. Perhaps you could go 8 percent for us, since our salaries are so low. I'm tired of teachers claiming how hard they have it. All of us who drive buses are also teachers. Our classroom is on six wheels and we conduct it while driving in traffic and all sorts of weather. So teachers, stop your whining and be thankful for what you are already overpaid."


- Hagerstown

"A person from Hancock had in (You Said It) about the weather, saying in the Bible one day you will not tell one season from another. We have been looking but just cannot find it, so would the person kindly put in (You Said It) the chapter this is in. Thank you and God bless."

- Clear Spring

"I'm the mother who called in about letting her little girl wear the Heelys. She wears them where she wants to. She knows where and when to skate with them. For everyone out there complaining about it, just because your kids don't have ... I work three jobs to be a good parent. I'm a very good parent. My kids have what they need and they're very well taken care of. Don't be jealous because you can't afford to get your kids any Heelys."

"In reference to The Morning Herald on Jan. 31, shortfall for the county on the infrastructure money and the excise tax money, school board wants more money, county gives money to people to buy houses, we better start thinking about paying the debt off and live within a balanced budget. These new county commissioners, I did see two of them voted on the aspect of no new housing for county employees - I agree with that. Right now when you got almost $200 million in debt, they want $80 million more in bonds, it's time to stop it."

- Leitersburg

"I don't think the school system needs dumbed down more than it already is. It's pretty pathetic that we can't afford to buy new books for the school system, so every time our children go to school, they're learning outdated material."

- Hagerstown

"Minimum wage is going up. Now I gotta fire three people out of my crew and cancel all their health insurance."

"To the caller who said she's a great mom, letting her daughter wear a pair of Heelys: When safety of others is a factor, if she wants to be a really great mom, teach her daughter to be a responsible and cautious person when wearing and using the Heelys - or is she the kind of great mom who could get her daughter a car and let her do what's fun with it?"

- Chambersburg, Pa.

"I'm reading where county employees are to get help with their houses. I'm glad some of our people are getting help instead of everyone who comes here from another country and gets everything they ever wanted."

- Williamsport

"Watch out, citizens of Washington County. With the expected decrease in excise tax collection and with other expected expenditures, there will be a property tax increase coming up."

"I'm reading where millions have been wasted on Iraq reconstruction. At the same time, our own people in Katrina are still waiting after 17 months to have our country put back together. I don't understand this way of thinking. We give people from other countries who come here and don't know what's going on nor don't care nor learn almost everything. We can go to other countries and do everything in the world for them, and we can't do for our own people. People need to be aware of this if they're not."

- Halfway

"In response to the caller from Greencastle, Pa., about another caller not knowing the whole story about welfare recipients, all I know is I was in line at the grocery store and two girls in front of me were using WIC coupons and welfare cards to buy their groceries, and then bought about 12 packs of cigarettes each. I work full-time labor work and couldn't afford to buy cigarettes. Also, a family on our lane has medical cards for their children, WIC coupons, and have two cats, a dog and a ferret. Sounds like if people can afford four pets or cigarettes, they shouldn't qualify for assistance. I know how expensive it is to take pets to the vet and keep them fed and everything."

- Hagerstown

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